I know I’m posting in this a lot today. Maybe it’s because this is the first blog I’ve had that I know my family (specifically my mother) doesn’t read, so I feel free to rant and post, etc.

I belong to a group on iVillage known as Trying To Conceive After Miscarriage. The women there are awesome, and have been a source of comfort for me through everything.

Well, this one girl Sharon just posted that a fellow member of her Expecting Club (and TTCAM Graduate) had a miscarriage. This is her third.


Why does this happen? Why is it okay for a woman who smokes crack, drinks, and does other drugs to get pregnant without complications, while women like me, and all the other women on this board have to suffer loss, after loss, have fertility problems, and just.. It’s so unfair. I hate it. I hate that anyone has to go through this pain, and this suffering. I’m a believer that every experience in life is worth something, but this is so painful.

*sighs* I just hate it, especially when it happens to a woman who has already been through it once.

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