Well, against my better judgement, I went to Walgreen’s on my lunch break yesterday, bought 2 HPTs, and POAS when I got back to work.


A few hours later, I started very slightly spotting.


This morning, more spotting. It’s brown, but since the miscarriage, my periods have been starting, and ending, with brown spotting. Go figure. I don’t know if there’s a scientific reason for that, but it never happened before my miscarriage.

*sighs* My temperature also took another degree dip, so I’m pretty officially out for this cycle. On to cycle #4. PreSeed, OPKs.. Here I come. I really hoped that I wouldn’t need you.


  1. Worrybook says:

    Oh girl…I'm so sorry. BFN's are just the worst thing EVER. I had the same issue with the spotting myself until my ob-gyn put me on Progesterone suppositories. She said that one of the reasons I could be spotting early is because of low progesterone. And low progesterone can sometimes prevent implantation because a nice uterine lining won't get built up.BUT…it could also mean NOTHING. I just had the spotting up to five days before AF and had an already short luteal phase. However, five months later and I am still not pregnant either. Go figure….Another thing that MAY help with the spotting is taking 50-100 mg of Vitamin B6 every day (in addition to your prenatal). Just remember that it is perfectly normal for a young, healthy couple to take anywhere from 6-12 months to get pregnant. I keep telling myself that, although it only helps slightly. I have read this in ALL of my "TTC books". Keep your head up. It'll happen and when it does you will appreciate it like none other!!!!

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