You know, it’s really hard not to get discouraged during the 2WW.

I’m only 5DPO, but I’m already feeling “out”. My temps are fine, and really it’s too early even for implantation (7-10DPO on average) but I’m just discouraged from my lack of IPS.

It seems like with my first pregnancy, my boobs got full, heavy, swollen and sore almost IMMEDIATELY after ovulation. I’m talking like, 3-4 DPO. Of course, I could have been wrong on my guesstimate of when I O’ed, but still. It seems like I had IPS almost right off the bat.

This time, nothing. I KNOW I’m only 5DPO, but I’m already feeling so, so discouraged.



  1. Worrybook says:

    Just 2 days ago I felt EXACTLY the same way as you do right now. But I was wrong. And even now, after seeing those two lines, I don't believe it. I don't feel as "pregnant" as I did the first time around either. What they say has got to be true: every pregnancy is different. I am cheering for you. Don't lose hope. Easier said than done, but just hang in there. It's gonna happen and that is very exciting stuff.

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