I’m feeling less and less optimistic, I guess. My boobs are still sore and a bit puffy, and I had a really, really bad few hours of queasiness/nausea today. I’ve been hot a lot, and really tired.

But all day today on and off, I’ve been having those dull, achey cramps. The same ones that I felt around 10-11DPO last month, and I definitely was not pregnant last month. The more these cramps stick around, the less hope I feel.

My CM is also kind of lotiony, and there’s been more of it than usual today. I don’t know if that’s a “good” sign, or not. I think creamy CM is supposed to be a sign of AF.

So I’ve gone from convinced that I’m pregnant, to not so convinced, to pretty much expecting AF to show up in a few days. I know that my temps are still high, but I have been temping vaginally this month so they are bound to be consistently higher. I know they are STILL high, but last month my last high temp was 11DPO, and then they fell from there. I’m 11DPO tomorrow. So we’ll see what we see.

*sighs* Tuesday couldn’t get here fast enough.

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