What we are trying this month

This month we are:

  • Not temping (my waking times have been too sporadic and I think I obsess more after O when I temp)
  • Using OPKs
  • Using Pre’
  • Taking Mucinex
  • Using SME (the right way)

AF is due on September 23rd. Our 3 year wedding anniversary is September 25th. How wonderful of a wedding anniversary gift would that be? :)

T-minus 6 days until “predicted” ovulation.


  1. I know what you mean about being completely obsessive about TTC, charting, temping and OPKs. I think that if your wake-up times are really erractic, it is probably wise NOT to temp. It will lessen the stress a little bit, too. GOOD LUCK this month! I know how hard and how long you've been trying, and I really hope it works out for you soon. That really would be an awesome anniversary present. Cant wait to hear all about it, whenever you get that long-awaited BFP! :) NicoleHMom

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