Okay, so AF is still a no-show. I am now on CD32. I haven’t had a cycle this long since April of 2008. I have had a 26-30 day cycle since after the miscarriage, with the exception of April of 2008. What the hell?

I was sure she’d come overnight last night, as I was cramping while lying in bed. I got up around 2 AM to use the bathroom, and when I wiped my mucous was tinged, VERY slightly, with pinkish. I was satisfied (albeit a little disappointed, naturally) that she was finally coming. When I woke this morning I was fully expecting to see a bloody mess, but no. Nothing. Nada. No hint of color when I wipe whatsoever.

WHAT GIVES?! I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning, BFN. If I were pregnant, wouldn’t it show up by now? I’m still feeling moderately full down there like something is just waiting to happen. I’m just absolutely perplexed, I don’t even know what to think.

I’m not going to test again until Monday morning.. If she doesn’t show before then, of course.