Okay, so I’m starting to feel some actual cramps, finally.

At this point I’m almost 100% positive I’m not pregnant (I know that sometimes women cramp, spot, and don’t get BFPs ’till their period is a week or more late) so I’m just glad that this cycle is finally realizing that it’s time to end, and time for a new one to begin. I am, of course, disappointed but at least maybe now things will get rolling so we can just move on to the next cycle of trying.

Yet ANOTHER post

Yeah, I’m posting a lot.

Soooooo…….. AF is still not here. I’m now on CD 33. I haven’t had any more cramping, or spotting/tinging since this morning. Josh and I even DTD to try and “get things going” (hey, it usually does the trick)…… And nada. Not even a hint of color when I wipe.

I’m giving it ’till Tuesday morning. I bought some HPTs tonight, and I’m going to give AF ’till Tuesday morning to show up before I take one. I’m just so confused!