Something’s fishy..

I just got a message from my cousin on Facebook. I’m feeling a bit silly at the moment, but it’s kind of giving me hope. Here’s what she wrote:


Just had a dream about fish in an egg carton. I took it up to your old house door and was about to transfer it into a bigger fish tank. Hmmmm….fish=fertility. This is especially true for my dreams. I’m 6 for 6. I’m praying, sista!!!

I Googled a few dream dictionaries and looked up what fish symbolize, and the first dictionary I brought up did, in fact confirm that fish in a dream can be a sign of fertility, conception; pregnancy. I, of course do not believe that my cousin is some kind of weird pregnancy psychic but I also do believe that some people are very perceptive and sensitive, especially in their subconscious.

I do believe if we get pregnant this month, I’ll call my baby my little fishy :)