Stupid OPKs…

So I’m using OPKs again to find out when I’m ovulating, not only to try and catch the egg but because of the Origin vitamins.
I forgot what a pain in the ASS OPKs are. Why? Because you’re not supposed to use FMU like a pregnancy test, you are supposed to test around midday. Not a big deal, right? Wrong. You also are supposed to get urine as concentrated as possible, which means, NO PEEING FOR THREE TO FOUR HOURS.
It’s murder, I tell you. In the mornings, I generally eat, drink a cup of coffee, and go to the bathroom by 8:30, so I can test around 11:30-12:30. Two days ago, my bladder was fine with this. I had no problems waiting until then. Today, however, I’m already having to go. I went to the restroom around.. Oh, I dunno, 8:45 A.M. It’s 9:45 A.M. right now and my bladder’s like, “HEY BITCH. IT’S TIME TO GO.” and I’m all like “NO, BLADDER. NO.” and it’s sitting here screaming at me, doing jumping jacks or some shit. Gyah!
Ugh. The things I do to have a baby….