Well, against my better judgement, I went to Walgreens on my way from dropping Josh off at his brother’s yesterday afternoon and bought a pack of 2 HPTs. I tested around 6:00 PM, and of course, was greeted with a


I’m so mad at myself for even testing. I told myself I wouldn’t test until Saturday morning if AF hadn’t shown up by then. Ugh. I was feeling relatively optimistic; I didn’t feel AF-ish really at all, so I thought maybe. But no dice. I’m expecting AF today or tomorrow so I figured that if I were pregnant, I’d get a BFP for sure. But no, BFN, BFN, BFN. Ugh. I was so upset that I stormed into the kitchen, threw open the fridge, pulled out a jar of green olives and gobbled like, 5 of them down. Don’t ask me why the hell I did, I just saw them and was like, “I’M EATING YOU NOW DAMNIT”.
I even went so far as to do something I’ve never done before; I pried apart the HPT to see the stick and make sure there were no hiding BFP shadows. I am truly ashamed of myself. *sigh*

Today I’m feeling kind of crampy, enough to where I brought some pads with me to work. So it looks like we’re going to be on to cycle #8, unless something miraculous and totally unexpected happens. I’ve been hearing a lot on TTCAM about these Origins vitamins. I don’t know what they’re supposed to do but I made a post this morning asking about them. I’m thinking about getting some PreSeed, unless these vitamins are supposed to help with CM.

I never dreamed that it’d take this long. Ugh.


  1. Kimmygintx says:

    The verdict is still out for me on the Origins, but the Pre-Seed ROCKS!!

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