Finally Have An Answer

Well, I finally have an answer to this cycle.

AF showed up, full force this morning. I’m bloated, cramping, and oh yes, she is definitely here. I am, of course, disappointed that I didn’t get a surprise (and late) BFP, but at least now I know and we can move on to our next cycle.

I’m going to have to start temping again, because I need to know when exactly I ovulate. I’m taking these Origin vitamins that are supposed to be for good reproductive health (they’re not just prenatals, they have a LOT of stuff in them) but are not for pregnant or nursing women. I’m supposed to take 2 a day until ovulation, then just 1 a day until 7DPO, then switch to regular prenatals. So I need to know as accurately as I can when I ovulate so I know when to switch from two to one, and one to none.

Here’s hoping #8 will be it for us.


  1. Im really sorry that AF showed up again. At least now you have an answer, and like you said, you can move on to next month. GL charting again… I know it can get pretty obsessive, so take it easy :)Have a good dayNicole

  2. I'm sorry AF showed, but yay for new vitamins to take! I hope they do the trick for you :)

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