Oh, it’s ON!

I got a + on my OPK today!!!!

WOOT WOOOOOOOT! My eggies are in full working order. I figured I’d get a + today. It was nearly + yesterday but not quite there. Then, last night, I began feeling full and uncomfortable with some discomfort specifically on the left side. O pains, O pains! I read online somewhere that this pain and discomfort doesn’t usually signify that you are ovulating RIGHT THEN AND THERE, but rather is an indication of ovulation about to occur.

I feel pretty well-covered. DH and I BD’ed yesterday morning, and again this morning. I’m planning on BDing again tomorrow night, just to be on the safe side. I figure we’re pretty well covered.

It’s not up to us, anyway. We can only do so much.. I can only hope that this is our lucky month! Maybe I should just start wearing four leaf clovers all over the place. 😉


  1. Hooray for a +OPK, and O pains! Go, Natalie! hahaHey, Im sure it cant hurt, to wear green/4leaf clovers all month! Dont we do the craziest thigns when we are desperate to make a baby?Anyways, I really hope this is it for you!!!

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