So much for hoping..

So last night, while lying in bed, I started getting these gigantic tap-dancing butterflies in my stomach. My period still hasn’t shown up, I wasn’t crampy at all yesterday, and my cervix is high and closed.

I couldn’t sleep because I started to maybe think that I really was pregnant, and not just annoyingly late. I began to think about how I was going to tell everyone, and the butterflies got worse. I was willing myself not to be excited, but it just wasn’t happening.

Well….. I went to the bathroom this morning.. And after wiping there’s orangish discharge. The kind I get at the beginning of AF. *sighs* I feel like such an idiot for having hope. I got two BFNs, I don’t know why the hell I was holding out so much hope for this cycle. I’m obviously just having an abnormally long cycle for me. Nothing to get all excited about.

I feel like crying.

I bought an big bottle of those Origin vitamins that everyone’s been talking about at TTCAM. I haven’t taken one yet, because they’re not for pregnant women and I didn’t know if I was pregnant or not. Once AF shows up I’ll start taking them.



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  2. Im so sorry. I hate whe nAF shows up late and unwanted! Its just not fair.I used that brand of vitamins when I was pregnant with Aliah and ive heard good things about them. They sure cant hurt.

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