Cycle Notes

So things I am noticing about this cycle thus far:

Monday 3/2 (estimated 4DPO): Aching/cramping near left ovary and in left lower back. Lots of creamy CM early in the day. Irritable.
Tuesday 3/3 (estimated 5DPO): Sharp stabbing pains on right side near ovary. HIGH IRRITABILITY, mostly to small things. Feel a bit irrational. Lots of creamy CM early in the day. Tired.

So those are the notes I’m making so far. I’m not saying these are IPS or anything, I’m just noting them for my own personal reference. I am really irrationally irritable today, though. I’m seriously ready to blow up at my coworkers for no apparent reason, and especially my manager. He just flippantly gives me these stupid tasks to do, and assumes that I automatically know how to do them. Frigging a-hole. I’m also very tired.

These are all normal PMS symptoms so I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m done reading into IPS because I have been very badly deceived by them in the past.