Crashing the Party

Well, I was having some pink discharge last night and this morning, and as I type I’m starting to cramp. So, it seems that AF is making her appearance, right on schedule. I got a + OPK two weeks ago yesterday, and I suspected that I ovulated the day after; that Thursday.

DH and I BD’ed for four days straight; Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. We had our bases covered, and we still didn’t catch the egg this month. That’s just the way it goes, I guess. I just ordered some PreSeed online. I had ordered Pre’, the lubricant, months ago and we’ve been using it since. This month, however, I ordered the actual PreSeed that is supposed to mimic fertile cervical fluid and help the “boys” swim.

Hopefully that paired with Origins, and a lot of positive thoughts will help us get an Easter BFP.

I’m bummed, but I feel like our month is truly coming. Just keep on keepin’ on…

Oddly enough, the song that just came on my radio is Don’t Stop Believin’.