So I asked DH if he was feelin’ up to some lovin’ tonight. I didn’t think that he would, because of his knee and all. I sent him a text and said it was fine if we started tomorrow night, seeing as how he cancelled his weekly Warhammer game with the guys just in case his knee wasn’t feeling better and he’d be all mine. He sent back:
Nope, game’s back on.
I’m really disappointed. We’re not going to get BD in tonight, and we might not get it in tomorrow. I guess that just leaves Thursday. And we can give it a shot on Saturday night after I get home from contest, I suppose. Oh well. These are the types of things I need to stop stressing out so much about.

I just get so sad at the thought of wasting yet another month of trying. I’m so tired of trying. I guess we’ll just see what happens.

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