Getting Closer

I made my trip to the bathroom early today…. I couldn’t hold my pee anymore. I try to hold off on testing on my OPK until after lunch, as my LH surge is more likely to show up then. Well, after POAS I wiped, and there I saw something beautiful:


Now, my OPK was negative but still. THERE WAS A LOT OF EWCM! I don’t know if it’s the Origin vitamins finally kicking in or what, but I NEVER see EWCM. I’m very pleased with this. I’m hoping that my O comes early this month.. Like, tomorrow or Thursday early. I’m expecting to O sometime between Friday-Sunday which is THE most inconvenient time for O EVER.

My chorus is going to regional competition this weekend. It’s here in town but I will be at our hotel all day Friday, overnight Friday, and all day Saturday. Not the best for BD!!! I’m going to try and get a BD in tomorrow, and one Friday morning… Or maybe Thursday, and one Saturday night when I come home. It’s going to be tricky, but we’re gonna try.. I have that PreSeed that I bought and haven’t used it yet. I had a very vivid sex dream last night, and in it we used the PreSeed and I remember it was really awesome, heh. I’m looking forward to trying it.

Another snag: Josh twisted his bad knee yesterday and is laid up at home. I had wanted to try and BD tonight but that’s probably going to be a no-go.. I feel OK with it, since my OPK was negative but tomorrow I’d really like to try and get a good session in.

So I’m just waitin on the eggie.. With plenty of EWCM :)

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