Colds, Indifference, A Few Days to Go

I’ve been sick with a cold since Saturday night. Stuffy nose, congestion, coughing, etcetera. I stayed home sick from work yesterday, but came in today. I thought I was feeling better but the longer I’m awake the more I realize I’m not feeling as well as I’d originally thought.

I’m really irritable and cranky, which is probably due to the fact that AF is due Saturday on top of the fact that I don’t feel well. Yes folks, I’m one of those pain-in-the ass people that gets cranky and surly when I’m sick. Guilty as charged.

I’ve had a bad morning, which in retrospect probably wasn’t really that bad but it only seemed like it thanks to my Hulk-like feelings right now.

I feel really drained of energy, I still have the sniffles and I’m slightly loopy in the head. I haven’t taken any cold medicine, I just think the congestion is making my brain slow. I’m also very hungry. One of the highlights of my morning was dropping the last half of my Slim Fast bar on the ground. I could have screamed. Oh, and I think my coffee pot is broken because the coffee this morning was just awful.

Not really feeling any IPS, I don’t put much stock in them, anyway. When it finally does happen, I probably won’t believe I’m pregnant until I see at least 10 BFPs.

AF is due Saturday, so we’ll see what we see.

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