Who turned on the heat?

Last night, my body temperature was all over the place. It was very wacky. I felt like someone stuck me in an oven, or lit me on fire from the inside out. I haven’t felt that way since I was pregnant.

I’m not putting much stock in it because I’ve been sick, so my body temperature could just be out of wack. I walked to the Subway on campus for lunch yesterday and felt very hot, and it kind of make me weak and shaky a little.

Again, my boobs are sore but not swollen so I’m not feeling very hopeful. I’m curious to see how similar pregnancies are though; I’ve been meaning to ask some of the girls at PAL if their bodies acted the same way with their 2nd pregnancies as they did with their lost pregnancies, or any pregnancies before that. My boobs are my main indicator and I feel very down every month when they don’t swell up like they did with my first pregnancy. I’m just wondering if maybe when I do get pregnant again, if a different symptom won’t pop up before the boobs.

I was having stuffy nose/sinus issues yesterday. Not even sinus medication was making me feel better, which was frustrating. It was making me feel woozy and a little disoriented. I just felt funky last night.. I was hot, and my body just felt weak. I don’t really know how to explain it.

Again, don’t put much stock in any of this. I don’t. IPS are cruel and deceptive.

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