Are You There, Gummi? It’s Me, Mommy

I’m so anxious and impatient to feel the baby move. I was laying on the floor on my back last night watching a movie when I felt some gas rumblings, and got to thinking about how I wish I could feel Gummi move. I lay very, very still and put my hands on my belly, closed my eyes and tried to be as in tune with my body as I could attempting to detect even the faintest of flutters. I felt kind of silly as I’m only 12 weeks (and some change) and there’s really not any way I could feel the baby already. For one, my uterus is tilted backward which I have heard can delay the detection of fetal movement and I am also fluffy in the middle and I have read that can play a factor in how soon/late you feel the baby. Sometimes I feel little flutters that I like to pretend are the baby but then I fart and I realize it was just gas.

I know it will happen in time and soon enough Gummi will be kicking the hell out of me… But I just can’t wait to feel those first little bumps and nudges.

One of my baby updates that I get weekly said that the baby will respond if you poke and prod your belly though you can’t feel it yet. I think that’s just so cool, the thought of my baby floating away in there and squirming away when I give him/her a little poke.

We got a brand new bathtub/shower in our apartment yesterday. It looks lovely and it’s nice to start fresh with a clean, shiny bathing area. I’m horrible about keeping my tub clean and our last tub made it so difficult. We have the kind with a sliding door, and so the track area where the door slid was next to impossible to clean all the way. I haven’t been able to take a bath in forever so I may just do that soon.

Just a few short hours until we get to see our Gummi again! I had a horrible, awful, ungodly headache all day yesterday that made me absolutely miserable. I think it was part sinuses, and maybe a little bit of dehydration. I haven’t been as good with my water intake as I should. Shame, shame on me! It’s hard, though, when drinking water makes you puke in the mornings. I try very hard to sip slowly but sometimes I just can’t help it. I guzzle, then vomit.

Okay then, back to counting the hours ’till the appointment…….