Pregnancy Irritations

So I’m only (nearly) 14 weeks pregnant, and already peoples’ comments/questions are starting to irritate me. Perhaps it’s the hormones that are making me so irrationally irritated, but some of them are just so grating to me it makes me want to scream.

Onethat gets me, and this is totally unfair of me because people are just being nice, is when someone asks me, “How’s that baby doing??”
Um, fine, I guess… I can’t feel the baby moving and I don’t have a window into my uterus, so I can’t really say for sure. It would be a lot nicer if you would ask ME how I’M doing. That one I can answer.

Also, when I tell you that we have our child’s names picked out, don’t suggest ten names that I could use. I’m not going to use any of your suggestions, because I already have names picked out. No, I’m not naming my son Hunter, Logan, Adam, James, or Tyler. I. HAVE. MY. NAME. PICKED. OUT. KTHXBAI.

Oh, and when I tell you that I want to try a natural childbirth, PLEASE DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE I HAVE FOUR HEADS. Yes, I am aware that it will hurt. No, I am not insane. Oh, you thought you were going to do it natural but in the end screamed for an epidural? That’s nice, I’m going to try and avoid that. No, honestly, I’m really NOT INSANE.

Oy vey.


  1. *hug*I definitly think you should have used the whole Oct. 14th thing. :) You could always be like, "well, I dont know how little one's doing but I'm feeling…" Redirection is a must with people. :)Also, people just love preggo moms and those wonderful hormones can tilt the world a bit so that everyone seems crazy with questions and answers. lol…I still love how everyone offers you names after you've already said you have them.Why not just start doing a little head slap to 'em. Think of it as employment training. You're just bettering society by changing people's behavior. :)Anyway, it wont be much longer til your waddling everywhere and that baby's letting you know everything thats going on. :)Oh, and I got it, you should totally make little cards that you hand out to people right when you see their about to open their mouth and ask you a question. It can say all the smart ass comments you really already want to tell them. :)And, by the way, how are ya doing?

  2. Oh, I totally forgot to mention that I completely understand about the natural childbirth reactions.I actually had very close friends/co-workers of mine that were worried because I was opting for a homebirth. It got to the point where I didnt even speak to some people about it, including my family. Yes, I understand where people where coming from but I had done tons of research as well as written up an emergency plan with my midwife in the case we were to transport to the hospital. I must say I was more prepared with info than when I was just with my OB, whom I love and enjoy. :)Anyway, I called it the bubble of peace, but it was an imaginary bubble that I put around myself whenever anyone started talking negatively about childbirth/natural childbirth. And, I really think it helped. Also, Hyponobabies is a great childbirth class. Even if you arent interested in taking the class, I still have all my notebooks/cd's if you'd be interested in barrowing them. They really helped me to stay calm and relaxed during my birthing process, and it really makes DH a part of the natural process as well, which is huge when you need your support group on board with your ideas/wishes.

  3. Kimmygintx says:

    No, you're definitely not being overly bitchy… I think I'd get grumpy too! ARGH!!I totally dig the crystal-ball comeback!And congrats on the acne going away! WOOT!

  4. Worrybook says:

    Lol: How's that baby doing? I got that all the time. I finally came up with the response, "fine as far as I know".

  5. Worrybook says:

    Oh and I SO HATED telling people I was going to attempt a natural childbirth. Everyone said there was no way I could do it. It makes you want to do it all the more just to prove them wrong!!!

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