Provoking the Baby

Nellie has been quiet today; more quiet than I like her to be. So naturally, being the overly-paranoid mommy that I am, I have been trying to provoke her into kicking me all morning. My efforts have included:

Sitting down.
Standing up.
Wiggling my body.
Prodding my stomach.
Gently shaking my stomach.
Eating four pieces of chocolate (covering my shirt with chocolate in the process)
Eating hot soup.
Drinking cold water.

Eating the pieces of chocolate evoked one kick from her. One lousy kick. You know, I always thought that when she started moving I would feel BETTER, and worry LESS. I don’t think that seems to be the case. Ugh.

Right as I started typing this blog, she gave me about 5 good kicks as if to mock me and my efforts to make her move.

I think that this proves that I officially have the world’s most stubborn baby. She is snarky and has a really strange sense of humor, even in utero.


  1. From Marriage to Mot says:

    I'm 24 weeks and 6 days pregant – you and I are expecting our babies just days a part :)I totally relate to you wanting to feel your baby kick more than she does. I used to feel the same. but now I've discovered my little girl has a pattern…she's up early in the morning, naps a lot in the afternoon, kicks on and off for an hour or two a little before dinner time, and then is WIDE AWAKE and constantly moving usually between 11 pm – 2 am {sometimes longer if she's really shaking things up!}…I've been awake as late as 5 am. Her movements are so precious – I just love to feel her!! I'm sure you can relate :)

  2. Hi there! How fun that we're so close together in due dates. I just checked out your blog – it's beautiful! It's amazing how these little babies can worry us so, isn't it? One day they're kicking their little hearts out and the next we're lucky if we feel 10 thumps and bumps throughout the day. I just have to remind myself that it's out of my control; what's meant to be will be and I just have to keep faith that this little girl is meant to be in my arms, kicking and screaming in January. I know that eventually when she gets big enough, I might be singing a different tune about the frequency and strength of those little feet kicking me in places. 😉

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