A Gross TMI Pregnancy Post

You have been warned by the title.

So, this morning I was using the bathroom. I did my business, and started wiping when all of a sudden, without warning or any sort of inkling that it was about to happen..

I peed all over my own hand.


It just.. Happened. I had no sensation that I had to pee, I didn’t bear down like I was peeing.. It just leaked out of me.

My body has been possessed by an emotionally unstable, fat, crazy woman who is hungry all the time and cannot control her own bladder. AWESOME.


  1. LMAO! I've done that before while pregnant. Thought I was done peeing, started to wipe, and then more pee came out and soaked my hand. Pregnancy rocks!!!

  2. Oh great! Now I have something ELSE to worry about happening! LOL!

  3. That was gross.
    And TMI.


    So, when you are feeling better you should come over to our new house for [decaf] coffee.. or tea.. or something so that we can talk about more gross preggo things.

    I need someone that understands!!

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