Fingers, Toes, Legs, Arms, Eyes Crossed

DH just submitted an online application to work for Volkswagen as a member of the production team. We won’t know anything for quite a while, and even then if he is hired he won’t start work for the next few months.

But if he gets hired on, I can quit my full-time job. For the first three years that he’s with the company we could make it on his income or I could get a P/T at a daycare or something and we could live well. After three years, employees get a $5.00 raise. I could quit working completely and be a SAHM.

This could be the opportunity we’ve been hoping and waiting for. I’ve been sending out good, positive VW vibes to the universe all weekend. For those of you who aren’t aware, DH works in construction and we’ve been struggling with finances for about half a year. What with the economy being the way it is, and the weather being so rainy and wet his work has suffered and we’ve taken a pretty significant blow to our income. I desperately want him to get this job. So if you can spare some prayers or positive vibes our way, I’d appreciate it.


  1. Oh sister I know exactly how you feel being there almost 2 short years ago. My husband and I were both in the military and when his enlistment ended he didn't have a job lined up yet so it was SUPER stressful!! He did end up getting offered an amazing opportunity but that left me in North Dakota (where we were stationed) and him living in New Mexico for about 8 months until my enlistment ended too. I will say many prayers for you!!

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