My Husband = Made of Awesome

My husband always knows how to make me laugh and feel better.

I was stressing because at work, I had about 4 different people needing me at once while I was trying to help out customers. It was like,

“Natalie, could you..”
“Natalie, how do I…”
“Natalie, why is this..”

I handled it well, I am proud to say. I didn’t lose it, or go into a pregnant fit of rage/tears. I took a deep breath and dealt with it like a big girl. I was even very patient.
I was telling all of this to my husband, and his response was:

“You should have gotten up and started waddling around a quacking like a duck. No one would have been able to tell where you were.”

I immediately bursted out laughing and smiled… My husband is amazing. It’s okay to be jealous, ladies. 😉

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