Paranormal Activity and Chili

It’s Monday again! Joy of joys. I had lots of dreams this weekend. One involved the birth of my daughter. It was very strange, because in the dream DH and I were in our new apartment and I was doing something in her nursery. All of a sudden, DH calls to me from the other room, “Natalie! She’s here!”
I looked down at my belly and I was no longer pregnant. Somehow, I had given birth to Nellie and didn’t even know it. We were so wrapped up in her, we completely forgot to tell people she was here. It was almost 3 hours after her birth that we finally started calling people. Strange. At one point, DH was in the bathroom and she began crying. I went to her and picked her up. She was swaddled and snug and once I held her, she stopped crying. She looked at me; she had dark brown hair – almost black, like mine when I was born – and dark brown eyes. She had DH’s nose and chin, but my eyes and mouth.

My other dreams involved Ada, me getting my own office at work, and…. Well, some not so pleasant things due to the fact that we went and watched the movie Paranormal Activity on Saturday. IT. WAS. SO. FREAKY. The hype over it is definitely warranted. I wasn’t terrified like I thought I’d be but it was so, SO CREEPY. Not the type of horror movie that jumps out, scares you and makes you scream and grab someone but the entire time my mouth was open, I was gasping at certain parts and was definitely tense and freaked out. Needless to say, my dreams were a bit interrupted because of the movie.

Yesterday, we headed to the Chattanooga Market for the 7th Annual Firehouse Chili Cookoff. It was fun, and I got to eat lots of tasty chili. It was COLD out, and I should have dressed warmer. My fingers were going numb from holding my chili and walking around.

We’re now into the 3rd trimester! I can’t believe that we are in the home stretch.. It’s crazy. Oh, and I have figured out why I don’t feel baby girl move a whole lot during the day. Friday night I was up until about 3 AM (which is WAY unusual for me, even on a weekend) and around 10:00, she started rockin’ and rollin’. She is DEFINITELY most active in the late evening, which is usually when I am asleep and don’t feel her. It was so funny, right around 10 PM she started kicking and I felt her a bunch for the rest of the night. I love feeling her kick and wiggle and move. It’s the best feeling in the world.

I’m going to go make myself some hot tea in an attempt to warm up. It’s so cold!


  1. I had a dream about Liam this weekend too! He was like… a month old and I took him to a party to introduce him to everyone. He looked just like Ryan but had blonde hair. WTF? I kept worrying that he was too warm so I would unzip his bunting– then too cold so I would zip it back up. Then I realized I didn't wear a nursing bra and couldn't find a place to feed him. It was so weird. And.. chili sounds freakin' good.

  2. karmapearl says:

    The chili was decent.. There was really only Firehouse (I think there were 6 submissions) that was tasty and the rest was just OK. I'd rather eat my own (or Josh's) chili!

    I had never had any dreams about Nellie until recently, and now I'm having them more often. I do remember another part of my dream I was testing out a breastpump that I had and I couldn't figure out how to get it to work.

    And you never know, you may have some deep-seeded dormant blond-headed gene in your pool somewhere! 😉

  3. Congrats on the third trimester!

    The one thing I have noticed is that the baby's activity pattern in utero closely mimics their activity pattern after they're born. Of course this doesn't apply to every baby, but many mothers say that it does.

    When I was pregnant with my daughter, she would move and kick frantically between 7-9 pm and she would be motionless all night. She's followed that activity pattern since she was born. It's crazy how they already have their circadian rhythms established.

    That Paranormal movie sounds great, although it depresses me because I'm now realizing that I haven't had the chance to go to the movies in 10+ months!

  4. karmapearl says:

    This kind of is my documentation of the pregnancy…. And I think I'm going to do a scrapbook once she gets here and we get some extra cash that I can waste on scrapbooking materials. I have been keeping a half-hearted written pregnancy journal but for the most part, I've been documenting my pregnancy here!

  5. Congrats on the 3rd trimester! I cant believe its almost over. :) It seemed just like yesterday I read about your BFP!!! It was so your time and I'm so happy you've gotten to enjoy this pregnancy. :)

    It wont be much longer, little Momma, and you'll be holdin' that baby girl! Have you started to document your pregnancy? I still havent finished my book for Maddie. :) Maybe one day!

  6. Yeah, I have an online scrapbook that I made with my posts. I have it all the way up to her birth and then just havent finished it. Maybe I've been too busy with the real thing instead. :)

    I may be stereotypical but I think little girls like to have those things. I know I loved looking at pics of my mom pregnant with me and hearing all her stories.

    I tried to make some things for the boys but they've never seemed really interested in it. However, every birthday they do enjoy hearing their birth story.

    Oh, and with the third trimester, have you thought about birthing classes? :) How exciting!!

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