Prayers and PT, Please

Guys, a friend of mine and her family need bigtime prayers and PT.

Michelle, who is a week farther along in her pregnancy than I am, is in the hospital right now and is having to deliver her baby boy Liam due to complications. She’s almost 30 weeks pregnant. I know that her little man is a fighter and will be OK, but I’m still very scared for them. DH and I are going to be seeing them in the hospital as soon as I can get away from work, which hopefully will be soon.

You can wish her well at her blog:

Michelle, I hope you don’t mind the request for good thoughts and the link to your blog. I know you won’t read this for a while anyway.

EDIT: I just got a text from the daddy. They are taking Liam tonight. We went by to see them in the hospital a few hours ago and they said they were shooting to make it ’till Thursday to give the steroids they’d given Michelle a few days to help mature Liam’s lungs, but it’s looking like the little guy has to be born tonight. They had mentioned something about her having HELLP syndrome, I’m not sure if it was confirmed that she does have it but I’m guessing she does if they take him tonight. Say a prayer for little Liam tonight, if praying happens to be your thing. If it’s not, send some positive vibes and good thoughts out into the universe for this family.


  1. Oh my goodness, she's been on my mind. Thanks for posting. They are all in my prayers. Please keep us up to date.

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