Sneezy Pants, Movie Nights, and Potential New Digs

Oh, it’s Monday again. And it’s rainy! Boo for both. I appear to be in the throes of an allergy attack, which is a bummer. It started yesterday and hasn’t let up. I’m sneezing every few minutes which means my poor little nose will probably be raw by the end of the day. I feel fine, just sneezy. I popped a Claritin not too long ago so hopefully it’ll help kill the sneezes in a few hours.

We had a good weekend. We went and looked at a new apartment on Saturday. We had pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that we were going to be stuck in our 1 BR for another 6 months, as every place we had looked at had security deposits. Due to DH’s work being painfully dry lately, we haven’t had the ability to save up enough for a deposit so we were searching for a place with a “no security deposit” special. Luckily, we found one not far away from where we already live. A 2 BR place for $10 more than what we are paying for our 1 BR place currently. We went and checked it out, and liked what we saw. It has 2 full bathrooms, plenty of closet space (which is something our current apartment lacks), a patio and a storage closet out on the patio. The appliances are a bit older than I’d like, but they are in fine working order which is what’s important. It has a separate washer/dryer area which is great, and water plus basic cable are included. Score!
We had to put $145 down ($100 to reserve the apartment, and $45 as an app. fee) but the $100 is going to come off our first month’s rent. I’m feeling optimistic; the only roadblock we may run into is needing a cosignor since DH doesn’t get paystubs from his job and providing proof of income is difficult for him. Not a big deal; I’m sure we can find someone to cosign for us if need be. I am hoping that my pay stubs, and our 4 years of good rental history from our current complex will be sufficient.

Yesterday afternoon we went down to the Market, got some kettle corn and looked around and headed to my brother in law’s house. We cooked burgers and watched the Lost Boys.
Last night we went to our friend’s apartment and hung out and watched Halloween-themed movies. We watched Trick r’ Treat first, which was great.. I’ve been wanting to see that movie for about 2 years now. For some reason there was some weird delay on its’ DVD release. I first saw a preview for it about 2 years ago and it was just recently put out on DVD. I enjoyed it very much. We ate popcorn and cookies, and watched A Nightmare on Elm Street which was full of many laughs. I hadn’t ever seen the original Nightmare, so that was fun.

I’ve been getting used to life without Ada. I still get a little sad when I look out into the screened in porch and she’s not there, but I do have to admit my stress levels have gone down quite a bit. I don’t have to worry about where she’s peed, if she’s peed or think about cleaning it up. I hope she’s adjusting to her new home well. I do think about her a lot and hope she’s OK, but I do have to say I am a little relieved and things have been easier.

Okay.. I’m going to work on my weekly update. 26 weeks pregnant. One week away from the THIRD TRIMESTER!!!!


  1. Congrats on finding a place! I hope it works out. Let us know if you need any help packing or moving or anything when the time comes. :)

  2. Kimmygintx says:

    Congrats on y our new place- I hope it works out for you guys! And YAY FOR THE 3T- WOOHOO!

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