The Last Halloween

I am coming to the realization as each holiday passes that it is my last – ever, in my entire life – where it will be just me and my husband. When I mention that to my husband, he smiles and pats my stomach and says it’s already the three of us. True, but I think you get my drift. This time next Halloween, Nellie will be nine months old. She will be nine months! How insane is that?! We will pick out a costume for her, probably take her to get pictures.. She will be sitting up, probably starting to eat solid foods – she could even be walking. It’s true, I have a friend whose baby started walking before she was a year old.
I was laying on the couch last night watching Supernatural (which is made of AWESOME, by the way if you haven’t seen it yet) and feeling Nellie kick when I realized how strange it’s going to be to sit, or lay and not get kicked from the inside. I’ve grown so accustomed to the little bumps, jerks and earthquakes from within my belly it’s hard to picture what my life was like before them. I’ve been feeling her move every single day for about 5 weeks now and she will continue to do so for (hopefully) at least 10 more weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely cannot wait to meet my little girl but it’s going to take some getting used to not having her in my belly.
Pregnancy is something that has just come very naturally to me. Perhaps I’ve just been blessed with an easy pregnancy, but I’ve never felt better than right now, at 7 months pregnant. When I walk down the street and catch a glimpse of my shadow, I smile at the round silhouette lying on the street. If I am passing a mirror and happen to see my reflection, I stop and admire it for a moment with a smile on my face; my hands tracing the curve of my belly. I find myself resting my hands on my stomach all the time – in line at the grocery store, walking down the hall, even just sitting at my desk.. My hands are on my belly.
We’ll be attending a Halloween party – in November. Crazy, I know. But my brother-in-law is the one who hosts it every year, and his October is booked solid as he co-produces and co-directs the Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern each season. He has since 2006. We’ll be having the Halloween party the 2nd weekend in November. I always get funny looks when I tell people I’m going to a Halloween party in November, but whatever. I’ve got a pretty fun costume planned for this year; you’ll just have to wait to see pictures. Until then, you can tide yourself over with my favorite costume that I’ve ever had. From our 2007 Halloween party, I give you…

Lois the Crazy Cat Lady.

Happy Halloween, everybody!!!!!


  1. I've already started looking for Maddie's Baby's First Christmas ornament. :)And, I still place my hand on my belly as I fall asleep. It started 16 years ago and I just cant help but do it still today.

  2. Kimmygintx says:

    I can totally relate! I'm always stopping and thinking about this- especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming! By this time next year we will (hopefully) have LO's crawling/walking/running around the house!

  3. I think about how I will miss feeling those baby kicks once my daughter is born. Alot of people do I heard… Well enjoy your moments with hubby spend some extra time cuddling in bed (or your favorite place to be just the two of you) because I also hear babies have keen sense of radar to CRY whenever mommy and daddy want some time LOL

  4. I absolutely LOVED being pregnant with my daughter. After she was born, I was so sad that I wasn't pregnant anymore. Even though I had this wonderful little baby in my arms, I missed feeling those kicks, I missed the big belly, I just missed being pregnant.But that's okay – it'll be your incentive to have another baby! :)By the way, I just bought some of that Celestial Bengal Spice Tea that you recommended; oh my gosh, it's delicious. Very different from the Tazo Spiced Chai that I love, but I love the fact that this is caffeine-free. YUM! Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. karmapearl says:

    Kim – I know, it's crazy. This time next Christmas our babies will almost be a year old.

    Julia – I have heard the same thing!

    Melissa – The good thing is that you'll get that big belly soon! I hear 2nd time mommies show sooner than 1st time mommies 😀
    And I'm glad you liked the Bengal Spice. It's SO good. I haven't made any w/ milk and sugar in a while, I may need to do that tonight!

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