My Wake Up Call

This morning as I was lying in bed, my brain slowly ascending from the fog of sleep I realized that my husband and daughter were playing games with one another.

I was lying on my side, and Josh’s hand was on my belly. I felt him tickling/pushing gently on my skin and then he would put his hand down flat. In a few moments, I would feel Nellie kick, push, and thump from within. Josh would giggle, and do it again. Once more, Nellie would kick in response. At one point, I felt her move on either side. I lay awake but with my eyes closed for about 5 minutes, enjoying feeling their playtime together…. just the two of them. She kicked really hard at one point and it startled me and I opened my eyes.

Quite possibly the sweetest wake up call I’ve ever received. These are the moments that I cherish.

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  1. That is SOOOOO Sweet! I love those moments when you can tell daddy is connecting with baby. We, as moms, get most of the "special" moments to ourselves – so its nice when dad has a chance to bond too!

  2. Aw how sweet is that. My husband has just started rubbing my belly and smiling. I would love to have that wake up call!!!!

  3. He is going to be such a good daddy.

  4. Hey Natalie,I remember you being such a witty and fun girl in high school and now you're this really funny lady having a baby! It's me Lauren Hunding from TFS choir. My sister in law just had a baby and it has gotten me started thinking about when Matt and I might want to stop preventing a pregnancy. So anyways, I've had baby on the brain and I've been facebook stalking all the folks I know who are having babies and then I saw your post about this blog. I stayed up until 3am last night reading it! I didn't have work today so I wasn't being a completely irresponsible person. I am so sorry that you've had such a tough journey to motherhood. I think Matt and I are still a ways off from having kids, but I think it is good to prepare myself for the possibility of everything not going easy-peasy. Best wishes for the remainder of your pregnancy!

  5. Rose's Daughter says:

    awwwww, that is so sweet!

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