Pregnant Brain STRIKES. HARD.

Last night, I did the dumbest thing ever.

We had our belated Halloween party, and I had a very good time. I was literally the only person at the party by the end of the night who didn’t have alcohol in their system. Definitely a change of scenery; as I am usually tipsy right along with everyone else. About halfway through the night, my allergies started to rebel and I began to sneeze. I quickly became miserable from having to dodge drunk people to sneezing my ass off every 5 minutes, so Josh and I ended up leaving around midnight. When we got home, I popped a Benadryl, took a shower (I had paint all over my belly – you’ll see why when I post a picture tomorrow) and put all my clothes in the washing machine…

Including my pants, which I realized about 20 minutes – and well into the spin cycle – later, had my BlackBerry in my pocket.


I ran to the machine and dug my phone from my pocket. I pulled it apart and stuck it in a bag of rice – which I heard can help absorb moisture. No luck. It’s dead. Deceased. Pushing up the daisies. It is an ex-BlackBerry. You get the picture (and, the Python reference, hopefully). So I’m going to make do with a phone one of my chorus women is going to loan me until I can figure out a way to get a new BlackBerry. I’m paying the extra $30 a month for the service so I might as well try and get a new one.

Anyhow, this is officially the worst result of Pregnant Brain I’ve ever had.

Oh well! First baby shower today, just a few short hours from now! WOO HOO!

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  1. I was so dumb yesterday too, but I did not do that. However I did wash my phone once.2 things sometime if you take the battery out and let it sit for a whole day it will work, or you can take it to the cell phone store and see if the ohone is dead or its just the battery. My sister dropped her phone in a pond and got it tested. all she had to do was buy a new battery to make it work again…Hope you figure something out. Boy these babies are expensive already RIGHT?!?! LOL

  2. Joanna Botelho says:

    Sorry to hear about your BB. Isn't your shower today? Enjoy!

  3. Ugh. A washed phone just sucks! Have fun at your shower today, though!!!

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