Two Years Ago Today.

On December 1st, 2007 I was in the bathroom of our old 1 bedroom apartment, all dolled up and ready for my company’s Christmas party….. Staring in disbelief at a little pink plus sign on a home pregnancy test. It was my first BFP.

Josh was skeptical because it was faint. …. But only a little skeptical. He noted that I was faint and I assured him it didn’t matter. But he suggested I take another test first thing in the morning anyhow. That night at the Christmas party he and I snuck secret smiles back and forth as we both thought about what we suspected to be true. The next morning I tested and was not surprised to see another positive result. We celebrated that day; walking around with big goofy grins plastered all over our faces.

That was our Green Bean. Our first little baby. We were blessed enough to see that baby’s heartbeat, but that little one didn’t make it but a few days longer. He hung in there long enough for us to catch that fleeting glimpse. I still have the ultrasound picture. It’s tucked away in a box, wrapped in the blanket we bought for our first little bean. I was blessed enough to carry our baby for 22 days and then fate had other plans for him and he had to go.

Never forget you, little one, not for a second. <3

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  1. Bekah's World says:

    (((hugs))) The first BFP I saw forever changed my life as well.

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  3. You just got a blog award on Busted Plumbing! Come check it out :-)

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