Doctor’s Appointment and the Science of Sleep

Nellie had her 1 month visit today. At birth my little lady weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces. Today, she tipped the scales at a whopping 9 pounds 7 ounces. HOLY HELL. I have a chunky lady on my hands! She doesn’t look overly chubby though, because she’s very long – 22 inches. The doctor said she was in the 80-something percentile for her height! My girl is growing like a weed!

We didn’t get any shots today… That comes with our 2 month visit. I am not particularly looking forward to seeing her cry but vaccinations are not open for debate. She is getting them. Not only do I want to protect her from harmful diseases but I will not expose other innocent children by not vaccinating her. The vaccination debate is one I won’t get into here, so I’ll just leave it at that.

So we’ve had three consistent good nights. I had a epiphany Friday night after daddy left for work. Around 8 PM I turned the lights off (save for the glow of the computer), swaddled Nellie (which she loudly protested. She hates the actual act of being swaddled. Once she’s in she’s okay.) and fed her. I burped her frequently and when she began falling asleep at the bottle, I took her in for a diaper change. That woke her up enough and she ate 4 ounces. I laid her down in her cradle……………………………..
And she slept.

For three hours.

I repeated the process when she woke again to eat. I was sure not to interact with her overly; I barely talked to her except to offer some soothing “shhh” noises when she’d cry. I kept the eye contact to a minimum. It was strictly business. I repeated my process – feed while swaddled, burp often, change mid-feed, burp again and put her down to sleep. And what do you know? 3 more hours. AMAZING. I have repeated this process for the past three nights and it has worked like a charm. I can tell within seconds of laying her down if it’s going to “take” or not. And usually if it doesn’t she has a gas bubble, which we get rid of and she’ll eat a bit more before passing out. I am just beyond thrilled and hope that we can keep up this routine. I know that with children in general and especially newborns routines are subject to change, but I’ll take it for now.
Midway through Saturday evening, I had to move her cradle. Before it was on the wall by the foot of our bed – a good 8 feet away from where I was sleeping. I couldn’t stand it. After sleeping with her on my chest for the past 2 weeks and being able to feel her/hear her so well I could not stand her being so far away. During one feeding I set her down in the Boppy to hang for a minute while I dragged the cradle and jammed it between my side of the bed and the dresser. When I laid her back down to sleep and could reach out and touch her if I wanted, I was instantly comforted. I can no longer open 4 of the drawers in my dresser, but it’s worth it to have my sweet girl so close. I understand why people co-sleep. I am still not going to do it, but I completely and utterly understand why people do it. Falling asleep with my daughter on my chest is the most comforting and peaceful feeling I’ve ever had in my life.
I had almost an entire day to myself Saturday. Gran watched Nellie while I went to a coaching session with my chorus. Our regional competition is coming up and I wanted to be there. It was amazing getting back into my beloved barbershop. I also practiced with my quartet; we are going to be singing during the quartet competition portion for evaluation only with the hopes of actually competing next year. We actually have a radio interview a week from today where we’re going to plug the competition, basically and sing a song. I’m so excited! We’ve also got a TV spot coming up. I’ve never been on television before!

Nellie had her first restaurant outing today. We had all intentions on going to Mellow Mushroom as they were offering free pizza as part of their 8th birthday celebration.. But the wait was 35 minutes and I didn’t know how well Nellie would tolerate that. We ended up eating at my old place of employment – Chili’s. She did fantastically, only crying for a brief period of time which a tiny bit of bottle helped. She was awesome.

She’s always awesome.