Lambkins Baby Store – Wubbanub Review and Giveaway!

My friend Nichole from the Pregnant After a Loss message board has an excellent website chock full of baby items called Lambkins Baby Store. I contacted her not too long ago to see if she’d be interested in hosting a review/giveaway here and to my delight, she said yes!

We e-mailed back and forth a little bit to determine what would be best to give away. She mentioned that her little one, Xavier, loves Wubbanubs. I thought she was making stuff up and called her a liar, and told her to give me something real to review.

Okay that’s not what happened at all, but I was confused as to what a Wubbanub was. a Wubbanub is a small stuffed toy that has a pacifier attached to it. Or a pacifier with a stuffed toy attached to it. Either way, it’s adorable and brilliant. I told her that Nellie wasn’t real huge on pacifiers, but that this would be an interesting way to find out if Wubbanubs were something really special and could convert my Nellie who is unimpressed with the paci most of the time.

Once my Wubbanub arrived, I was eager to check it out. I opened up the package and released Wubbkitty from it’s box. I was actually surprised how small the kitty was; for some strange reason I was picturing a larger stuffed animal. I was happy with the size – I had actually worried about a huge stuffed animal being attached to my kid’s pacifier. I thought, “What if the Wubbkitty suffocates Nellie?” Right, Natalie, because companies would manufacture something that would suffocate a baby. Word to all you preggos out there: that Pregnant Brain thing you have going on DOESN’T GO AWAY WHEN YOU HAVE THE BABY.

Anywhoo. I had laid Nellie down in her crib for some quiet time. I washed off Wubbkitty and brought it to her. I lay the kitty part down on her and offered her the pacifier. She took it a bit hesitantly, but once she had it in she seemed pretty content with it.

The one problem I did have with it is that it’s kind of heavy at this stage. She’s not quite gotten into grabbing things yet so the weight of the kitten sometimes pulls the pacifier out of her mouth. But I do love how soft and squishy the kitten is, and once she does get into where she’s grasping things the size is perfect for her little hands.

A few facts about the Wubbanub:

  • It is made with a Soothie medical grade, latex free pacifier.
  • BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free
  • The durable one-piece construction means no germs hiding between cracks so the pacifier stays cleaner
  • Easy to clean: place in washing machine with baby’s laundry, gentle cycle in mesh laundry bag. Allow to air dry.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how Nellie takes to the Wubbkitty as time goes on; to see if she likes it as she becomes able to grasp things.

Anyway, to what you’re all excited about I’m sure. The GIVEAWAY!

The winner of this giveaway will receive one Wubbanub for their little one PLUS a special 20% off coupon code to use for future purchases.. PLUS, a surprise keychain! Just a few of the Wubbs the winner can choose from are:

Blue Pony

Brown Bear



There are several other Wubbanubs to pick from – to see the rest check out Lambkins Wubb page

Lambkins is also offering a special promotion code for anyone who orders from their website. The code is good for 10% off an entire purchase PLUS an adorable surprise keychain! You will get either a Ladybug, a Turtle, or a Sea Turtle. The checkout code is hopesprings and is good from 3/29/2010 through 5/15/2010

How to Win:

  • Go to Lambkins Baby Store and go to the “Baby Toys and Gear” section. Tell me one item that you’d like from that category. Item MUST be from this category.

In order to receive extra entries the mandatory entry MUST be followed. Extra entries WILL NOT COUNT if the mandatory is not met. MAKE SURE YOU ENTER EACH EXTRA ENTRY IN IT’S OWN COMMENT!!

  • Become a fan of Lambkins on Facebook (be sure to include your Facebook name in the comment).
  • Add Lambkins’ button to your page:

and comment with the location of where the button can be found.

  • Follow me on Twitter AND Tweet: “Win a Wubbanub for your little one from @karmapearl! http:// #giveaway #blog” and post the permalink of your Tweet. To find the permalink: After you’ve Tweeted, click on the time of the Tweet (located directly under your Tweet). Copy and paste the URL of the page you were directed to. You may Re-Tweet once a day. Be sure to post each Tweet in a new comment for credit!
  • Follow my blog and leave a comment saying you follow.
  • Tell me a funny story about your experiences with parenthood!

This giveaway will end 4/12/2010 10:00 P.M. EST.

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  1. stumbull says:

    I follow your blog!

  2. Jensen has the black cat and he LOVES it. Won't take any other pacifier. Best $15 I ever spent. I think I need to go buy another one just incase.

  3. I can't wait to mail the winner a cute wubbanub of their own!

    And how cool is it that the contest ends on my lil one's 1st birthday! 😀

  4. Blair@HeirtoBlair says:

    WE LOVED the Wub!!! Harrison has stopped taking a paci since, but he LOVED his brown puppy!

    the Twilight Turtle totally looks awesome. I hear wonderful things about it!

  5. I love the Twilight Ladybug – Constellation Nightlight!!

  6. Became a fan of lambkins on Facebook.(megan widstrand)

  7. Following your blog and loving it!

  8. A funny parenting moment, happened actually this morning. For Claire's diaper changes you need extra arms because she moves all over. Well, this morning I took off her diaper, wiped her, and I was just reaching for her diaper when she crawled away. I turned her over, pulled her back and she decided to pee all over me. She was a like a boy – it went far and with some mighty force. I guess it was what I get for making her lay still and get changed. She just smiled and laughed – she so knew what she did! Little stinker!

  9. I love the Sleep Sheep Soothing Sounds and have actually been wanting to get one for a while. I also have a thing for giraffes and love the Gentle Giraffe soothing sounds.

  10. I'm a follower!

  11. I became a fan on facebook (Lindsey Walkup Buchanan)

  12. My funny parenting story happens pretty regularly. When Hunter wakes up at night (after sleeping for about 4 hours) she's ready to eat and I'm pretty engorged. Sometimes while she's nursing, she lets go and without me realizing it, my milk is SPRAYING out and hitting her in the face. Night time nursing is a messy messy time for us!

  13. Linda Kish says:

    I love the baby lavender lab with 3 spill clothslkish77123 at gmail dot com

  14. Lisa Smith says:

    Following your blog!

  15. i like gentle giraffe

  16. lIisa Smith says:

    LOVE the lavendar LAB. So cute!!! I think I may have to order one now, LOL

  17. Mrs Scratch says:

    I love the Twilight Turtle. I actually saw this reviewed on another blog and was really interested then.

  18. M isn't a paci baby, but her boyfriend in the NICU was all about this. Sam LOVED it – it was the only way he'd take a pacifier. And believe me, he needed it! Great product! Wish my kids would be into it so I could try it first hand.

  19. Patricia Carlson says:

    I like the Baby Turtle Rattle with 3 Spill Cloths.


  20. It's not just you and post-preggo brain. I actually wondered the same thing when I first read the description :-)

  21. I follow your blog as

  22. FB fan of Lambkins Julie A Scott Laws

  23. Brittney says:

    I adore the Gentle Giraffe.brinkels at live dot com

  24. Became a facebook fan! (Lara Jansen Rouillard)

  25. I'm a twitter follower and I tweeted <a href="<b… />

  26. I follow your blog!

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