The Return

She’s back in town, and she’s angry that I kept her away for so long.
Apparently Hell hath no fury like a menstrual cycle scorned for almost a year.
BRB, eating all the chocolate in the world. Registered & Protected


  1. Are congrats in order…?And yum… chocolate!

  2. Dear Sydney says:

    Ooooooh – I know that wench! She was ticked off at me too and I was all thinking "hey, you can just waltz back into my life like this" and she was all "wanna bet?"I use chocolate to deal with her too!

  3. Rose's Daughter says:

    well……….chocolate is a good thing!

  4. Christine says:

    I wish my Aunt Flo looked that nice…yeah, yours looks like she's admonishing you, but at least it's in a June Cleaver sort of way. LMAO.Mine is a mean old bitch and I imagine she looks a bit like Endora with a sprinkle of Sigourney's Alien. Endora with tentacles. Frightening:)BTW, I ate a chocolate covered Strawberry yesterday…must check the calendar!

  5. Welcome back to reality! Enjoy your chocolate!! :)

  6. I am so not looking forward to the visit from AF after I have baby!

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