Bugaboo Jewelry Review & Giveaway – For Angel Babies or Earth Babies!

After the Angel Baby sculpture giveaway went so well, I decided I wanted to do another giveaway targeted toward Angel Mommies. I browsed through Etsy once more, searching for something unique, special, and perfect.

That’s when I found..

I contacted Kristi at Bugaboo to see if she’d be willing to host a review/giveaway and to my delight, she said yes! We messaged back and forth, looking for the perfect piece when she showed me a new design. I fell in love with it immediately, and she customized one just for me and my Angel Baby; my Green Bean. It was precious, and perfect and quite unique! It came in the mail quickly and I was excited to open it up and look at my necklace.

Beautiful hearts stamped into the exterior…………

And inside, the hand-stamped name of my precious Green Bean.

It comes with a Swarovski crystal, the color of which you choose. I chose Peridot for the month of August, which was Green Bean’s due date month (August 9th, 2008).

The chain is linked in the back, so you can choose a varying degree of lengths to wear the necklace. I prefer a lower-hanging necklace so I hooked mine a bit lower.

I found out when I contacted Kristi to touch base about the giveaway that she had named this particular piece the “Green Bean Locket of Love”. I immediately teared up and felt so honored and happy that my little Angel Baby had something named after him/her! I love to wear this necklace. It goes with everything, and I love the fact that I can carry my Green Bean close to my heart. A few facts/details about the Green Bean Locket of Love:

  • The pendant is strung on a silver snake chain that is 16″ long with a hand-applied extender (as I mentioned before, for varying lengths).
  • This piece can be personalized in varying degrees; names, dates, symbols, and words can be stamped on the outside and/or inside of the locket depending on what you like.

Now I know that this one is for my Green Bean, but this locket could easily be to honor a living baby as well. That is one thing I love about Bugaboo, and this piece in particular is how easily personalized it is; making each piece a custom work of wearable art.

Now, for the part you’ve all been waiting for: The giveaway details! You can win a Green Bean Locket of Love to personalize for yourself! Here’s how:

Mandatory Entry:

  • Visit Bugaboo Jewelry on Etsy and tell me which piece (besides the Locket of Love) you would love to own. Be sure to include your e-mail address in your comment.

Extra Entries:
In order for your extra entries to count, be sure to enter each extra entry in its’ own, separate comment!

  • Become a follower of my blog and comment saying you follow.
  • Follow me on Twitter.
  • Tweet the following: “Win a beautiful custom necklace from @karmapearl for your Angel or Earth Baby! http://tinyurl.com/2f45t72 #baby #miscarriage”
    Post the PermaLink of your Tweet by clicking on the time of your Tweet right underneath it. You may Tweet once a day. Be sure to enter your daily Tweet into its’ own comment for it to count.
  • Become a fan of Hope Springs Eternal on Facebook (include your name)
  • Tell me the story of when you got your BFP (big fat positive, A.K.A. positive pregnancy test)! I love BFP stories, and love to tell both of mine. Even the one with Green Bean. I understand that these stories may be painful for some, so if you still would like this extra entry but would prefer NOT to tell your BFP story, find me something funny on YouTube and post the link here!

This giveaway will close on May 14th, 2010.

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  1. I follow you on twitter

  2. Your fan on facebookJulie Leiter

  3. I was married before. We tried getting pregnant for years – it didnt happen. I thought it was me. I had some female problems and I thought I would never have a child. However the desire never left me. I prayed every day that I would be blessed with a baby. For 7 years I tried and prayed.I ended up divorced and still hoped somehow I would have a baby. A year passed by and I decided it was time to be happy in the present. I put my child desire away. It was still so strong, but I knew I needed to be happy without it. I met my boyfriend. I was on birth control. I had only been dating him 6 months. We were only "together" once….I had been working out at the gym for a couple hours every day. Suddenly I started getting tired. I was never tired, but I also didnt connect it with pregnancy. Then my breasts started hurting – they never hurt. I thought it was strange. Could these be pregnancy signs… NO I thought I am not bringing up the old pain of always wishing and hoping and getting that BFN Plus I am on BC for goodness sake. Well a week later we were going on a camping trip. I knew there would be drinking. Should I test before I go. NO I am not doing that to myself again. I went camping and tried to drink and got sooooo sick. I never get sick from drinking especially only after 1 daquiri…Well I got home and had the nagging thought on my mind but I still ignored it. The next day my boss was eating a tootsie pop and I said OH my that really STINKS YUCK – ok come on now we all know I love candy… He said are you pregnant? No way I said, but that night I went to the store and bought a single test. I woke up at 4am to take the test. Immediately 2 lines OH MY OH MY OH MY. So I always thought I would be happier with my long awaited BFP but I had only known my BF for 6 months he didnt want kids – I was so afraid to tell him, but it all worked out in the end and I couldnt be happier. I will never forget May 7 2009 the day I got my BFP

  4. There were two that I liked. I'd get either the 'forever in my heart eternity circle with birthstones' or the 'simple but elegant eternity circle with birthstones'. I'd select birthstones for each of my three babies. geekfamily07@gmail.com

  5. That is SO CUTE!!! Can I win it even though I don't have children? I could put my cat's name in there. πŸ˜‰

  6. I love this!!! And I think you are right….it's perfect for living children, as well as angel babies! (I hope it's not in some way "wrong" that I'm going to do several entries, since I don't have an angel baby….)If not the green bean piece, I would get the Mommy Birthstone Necklace with Heart Charm.Such a GREAT etsy site!

  7. I'm following you on twitter now! :-)

  8. Just became your FB fan….well, I "liked" it, actually, since "fan" is no longer an option!

  9. And….finally…..my BFP story:Hubby and I got married in August 2007. We decided to stary ttc in August 2008, so I went off bcp in July 2008. Naively, I assumed we'd get pregnant within the first few months, and I'd have my "perfect summer baby," so I didn't have to take much time off work (I'm a teacher). HA! Life had other plans!9 months and 7 cycles later, after I had virtually "given up" and decided that I must be a defective female, we got our BFP two days before Mother's Day in 2009. Coincidentally, we had already purchased a young Willow tree and had planned to plant it in the back yard that afternoon. We went ahead with those plans and it now seems so perfect, because I watached that baby tree grow at the same time my little bean was growing. Now that she's here (she was born in January 2010), we refer to the Willow as "Riley's tree." It's truly magical!

  10. Heidi - D says:

    This isn't an entry… But I thought it was so precious that I'd Tweet it for ya anyways! Love the necklace!

  11. Do I get three entries if I tell you all three of my BFP stories? :-)

  12. I am your fan on facebook

  13. After 2 losses and being told I had PCOS, I thought I thought I would never get pregnant. It was April, 2009. I had been engaged for 4 months to the love of my life. His tax return had been a nice one so he decided he would make a surprise trip out to see me (he had been living in Louisiana building a house with his parents). I wasn't looking to get pregnant. I had set aside the BBT, stopped taking my vitamins, went off my diet, and just relaxed. 5 days after Rob left I got God awful heartburn for no reason. The next morning I threw up. I wondered if I could be pregnant, but really didn't believe I could be. I decided to go get a test, even though it was like 3 in the afternoon and I was only 8dpo (thought I didn't know that at the time because I hadn't been tracking my cycle that month, and I actually ovulated 4 days sooner then I usually do). I headed to the store and got tests for the next morning but couldn't wait. I took the test and laughed at myself saying it was going to be negative, you have to using first morning pee and all that. Imagine the heart attack I had when I looked down and saw a second line. It was SO faint, but over the nest week it kept getting darker and darker and by the time I missed my period I had no doubt that I had achieved a miracle, I had gotten pregnant for a 3rd time with PCOS. I was terrified of another miscarriage, know the odds were stacked against me. I gave birth to my miracle, on my due date, January 9th, 2010.

  14. WannabeMom says:

    That necklace is beautiful. I also love the mother birthstone bracelet. http://www.etsy.com/listing/42783766/mother-birth

  15. WannabeMom says:

    I follow your blog :)

  16. WannabeMom says:

    I tweeted about the giveaway http://twitter.com/WannaBeMom

  17. WannabeMom says:

    My BFP story: My hubby and I had been trying for about a year but I wasn't ovulating on my own. OB put me on Provera and Clomid but no BFPs. She then gave me the option of going on a higher dose of Clomid or going to an RE. I decided to take a month off and just enjoy the holidays (it was December) and then go to an RE in January. We were really excited to go to an RE and to hopefully get some answers. At my first appointment they did some bloodwork only to find out I was already pregnant! I was shocked yet so excited! How can you be surprised about a BFP when you'd been trying for a year :) We then lost our baby at 12 weeks. We named him Matthew because we felt it was a boy and for the short time he was with us, he was a gift.

  18. Here’s my BFP stories. I’ll try to abbreviate them because there are three of them.1) My angle baby…My first BFP, I was in denial that I was pregnant. We had been trying for a few months and I was late, but I didn’t think I was pregnant because I’d been cramping the week before (I’d later figure out that it must have been implantation cramps and I get them every time I’m pregnant.) I wanted to jump Lance’s bones and he said ‘you aren’t on your period?’. I said ‘no, but I’m going to start any day so let’s do it while we can.’ He asked if I had taken a pregnancy test and I insisted I wasn’t because of the cramps. But I took one anyway and it was a BFP. Color me surprised. But this pregnancy wasn’t to be, less than two months later, this was my angel baby.2) The Punkin…I knew I was pregnant just a matter of days after conception. I didn’t have any proof, but I just knew. So I started taking tests about a week before it was really plausible to get a result. I must have gone through at least five pregnancy tests before I got a positive. When I did, it was just a confirmation of something I already knew.3) The current bun in the oven…I suspected I was pregnant again, but told myself it was wishful thinking. We’d stopped using protection a while ago, but had been using ‘natural family planning’, where you just don’t do the deed during your fertile days. This was the first month we’d been actually having sex when I could get pregnant and we all know that nobody gets pregnant their first month. Well, apparently some people do. The earliest I could test was the weekend of ConNooga and I wanted to know for sure before we partied. So I took a pregnancy test Thursday morning and it was negative. But I wasn’t convinced, so I took one Friday morning and got the lightest positive I’d ever seen. But since I’d had a negative on Thursday, the positive on Friday didn’t convince me the other way. So I took another one Saturday morning and got another light positive. I still hadn’t told Lance. We stayed late at the Con on Saturday for some of the late-night events, but didn’t stick around for the room parties. On the way home I told Lance we needed to stop at the drug store and get a pregnancy test. (I didn’t tell him I had already gone through a three pack). He was pleasantly surprised. I took the test again Sunday morning and finally got a bold line, a BFP. Well, I don't know how abbreviated that was, but there they are.

  19. I also follow you on facebook.

  20. Linda Kish says:

    I also like the Mommy Heart necklacelkish77123 at gmail dot com

  21. And I'm I fan (more ways than one!)

  22. My BFP with Jaime was a bit of a surprise. I had just lost my angel about 8 weeks earlier, but I was gung-ho about charting. I was told that my chart looked "triphasic," so I took one of those Dollar Tree Cheapies. Darn thing was so light I didn't know if it was positive or not! Ok, wait until Tuesday morning. Another Dollar Store cheapy. Same result. What the heck does that mean?Wednesday morning, I gave up. Stopped at Walgreens for a digital one. Joy of joys, a former student of mine was the cashier. Can you say AWKWARD? And I took the test in the bathroom at work. Of course I panicked when it read "pregnant," and I couldn't freak around my co-workers. But that's the beginning of Jaime's story.

  23. tweet tweethttp://twitter.com/juldga/status/13274994634

  24. Samantha says:

    I really like the Mother's Birthstone Necklacesamanthamarshall at verizon dot net

  25. Domestic Diva says:

    I like the Personalized Sterling Silver and Copper 3 Tag Necklace.

  26. I like "you left foot prints on our heart" but I like the green bean one the best πŸ˜‰

  27. I follow your blog

  28. This is from a blog post :)One year ago Christopher and I were racing in the Dragon Boat Races downtown with my work. We were the skeleton crew, the team full of the coolest rad techs in town! We planned on sunning and drinking Firefly Sweet Tea all day between races. This was also the end of my first month on Clomid. I wasn't due to test for a couple of days, but since I knew I'd be drinking a bit at the races I decided to pee on the stick anyways.I'd been testing for 13 months now. Negative after negative. I wasn't paying much attention to the pregnancy test after I peed on it. The control line was taking FOREVER to show up so I was irritated thinking the test was messed up and I had wasted first morning pee. It started to show up so I placed it on the back of the toilet and finished my business.I glanced back at it and a second line was showing up.What?! I blinked really hard and looked again. It was still there. I washed my hands and looked at it again. It was even darker now. A test with two lines?! I didn't believe my eyes. And then, in that moment when I realized everything that was happening, the sweet way I planned on telling Christopher of my next positive pregnancy test flew out of the window. And let me tell ya, it was cute. A scavenger hunt through the house with post-its to the positive test. Seriously adorable, I know. But guess what I did instead?"CHRISTOPHER CHRISTOPHER WAKE UP WAKE UP CHRISTOPHER!" Screaming, running, to the bedroom where he jumped about 10 feet because he was afraid I was hurt or something. He didn't know I was going to test. "I'M PREGNANT I'M PREGNANT!" And then I started crying. I was so happy, so relieved, so so scared. He hugged me and kept looking at the test and asking "are you sure?" over and over.I don't think I'll ever forget that day! I didn't drink that day at the races. And my plans of not telling anyone about the test flew out of the window as I whispered to this friend, and this one, and that friend. I raced and we placed 3rd in our division. I had a fun day and I went home to stare at my pregnancy tests (Yes testS. Because I took more. Duh.)May 2nd 2009 was the best. Almost as great as May 2nd 2010, today, the day where I have my sweet baby boy, his kisses, his smiles, and his sweet cuddles. His giggles, his awe, and his drool. To think a year ago he was smaller than a sesame seed! God is amazing isn't He?!

  29. I follow your blog

  30. jakiesmom says:

    i like the prescious baby feet necklacenannypanpan at sbcglobal.net

  31. I am a follower.

  32. Facebook fan. (Amie Davis)

  33. The Sterling Silver Long Pendant is beautiful(but, honestly, I've love the Green Bean locket most).marypoppinsinheels@gmail.com

  34. FB fan! Lynae Shea

  35. I follow your blog.

  36. MasonFanClub says:

    I like the name and birthstone – so pretty. I love stamped silver!measamommy at gmail dot com

  37. MasonFanClub says:

    Follow your blogmeasamommy at gmail dot com

  38. tweetedhttp://twitter.com/measamommy/status/14010751112

  39. I follow you on twitter @breebees, breejanderson@gmail.com

  40. I love the locket of love. rigator at gmail.com :)

  41. I was totally lame when i got my BFP. I had taken one about 4 days earlier, but my AF still hadn't come. A didn't think I was pregnant, just thought I was reallllllly late. When he left for work I asked if I should get up and take a test. He said no. So when I got up I did and BAM 2 lines. I called him at work and just said "my aunt called, she canceled her flight and said she won't be around for awhile." I hung up on him and sent him the picture of my positive test (which we no longer have and I'm pissed but that's another story). He called back a little later and we both had a little freak out time :)

  42. I follow your blog! breejanderson@gmail.com

  43. Aunt Tissen says:

    Follow u on twitter

  44. You told me to enter :) junepath@gmail.com (as if you didn't know LOL)

  45. Shizzzzz Idk how to get the url lolWin a beautiful custom necklace from @karmapearl for your Angel or Earth Baby! http://www.hope-springs-eternal.com/2010/04/bugab… #baby #miscarriage

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