My Baby Is So Chunky..

How chunky is she?!

She is SO chunky that when I put her in her brand new Bright Starts Cradle & Sway swing (that I won from a blog athankyouverymuch) and tried to start it, it kept stopping. I kept trying and trying and it kept stopping and stopping. Josh and I were scratching our heads, reading and then re-reading the instruction manual wondering what we were doing wrong.
  • Turn on switch – Check.
  • Select desired speed – Check.
  • Gently push swing – Check.
  • LED light will stop flashing when swing mechanism kicks in -Check.

Only.. Moments after the LED light stopped flashing the swing would slowly stop. This happened repeatedly. Josh and I stood there, looking at our brand new (very large), swanky baby swing and were befuddled and frustrated. Nellie sat in the seat staring at us, unimpressed and mildly disgusted at our incompetence. Josh had to go lay down to keep his sleep schedule normal so I battled the swing alone. I kept on and kept on trying until finally I was ready to pitch my brand new (very large), swanky baby swing out the front door to become a brand new (very large), swanky decoration on our front porch when something occurred to me. I scooped Nellie out of the swing and tried to start it without her in it.
It worked like a charm. I looked at my baby, who had successfully crammed almost her entire fist into her mouth and was drooling on me. I put her back in the swing, and set it to the highest setting it could possibly go.

And it worked.

Apparently, my massive chub of a bunny is too heavy for the slower settings. Now, this swing is supposed to accommodate babies up to 25 pounds and while I haven’t weighed Nellie Bean in a while, I KNOW that she isn’t 25 pounds. This swing should come with the disclaimer:

“May not work if your child’s thigh rolls exceed three per leg.”

Big girl, you are beautiful!

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  1. Aliah is a chunky baby too. We had a similar problem with our swing. Although it is not as expensive and complicated a model as yours, we were changing the batteries in it every five minutes. Then Hannah showed me that it worked exceptionally well with a doll in it, but not with the real baby in it. The problem: she was just too heavy. I think we had to put it away when she was about five months old. Then we moved on to other things, like exersaucers and bumbo seats.

  2. That's so funny!! I love chunky babies! Although, Claire isn't a big baby – she does sport nice leg rolls!!

  3. Christina says:

    AWWWW, too cute! Nellie looks like she's saying "What? I didnt do nuffin." lol. super cute!

  4. Ohh Natalie is adorable. My daughter was chubby but still beautiful too :)

  5. OMG…I luv the chunky babies! Those fat rolls are the bomb! DS still has his thigh and arm rolls at 15 months and DD is just starting to fill out at 3 weeks.I just wanna squeeze that little Nellie that is how darn cute she is!

  6. Rose's Daughter says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  7. I love those baby rolls. All four of my kids abounded with rolls. They grew up to be very slender adults! Your little one is adorable!

  8. Kimmygintx says:

    LOL- Absolutely beautiful!

  9. Audrey is a big chub too – 17 lbs now! I always say Oh you musta gained another pound because you got another roll – we're up to 5 per leg LOL Michelin Baby

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