VLog – Bandwagon, WAIT FOR ME.

So I don’t know if it’s ACTUALLY “Vlog Day”, or if people are just posting vlogs and CALLING it Vlog Day, but I’m going to post one that I literally just took, because I like to do things last minute and shit.

So here’s my Vlog, that’s really short. It features me in my chubby, shiny-faced glory, a special appearance by my baby, and me rambling about Dancing With the Stars and the fact that it’s witchcraft.


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  1. Awesome :) Nothing like eau de baby spitup to make you know your mommy status huh?! D loves cooking shows – I think it's the voices.I'm hoping by the time she's 3 she'll be cooking the meals…

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  3. Hi! It's neat to see people's faces when they Vlog. I also, didn't know it was Vlog day, but alas I have no camera, thus no Vlog. Oh well.

  4. I love finding out other parents do the same thing as me.. Like get puked on and not quite make it around to changing clothes. I mean seriously though – it's only going to happen again right? I'm just saving on the washing!

  5. Worrybook says:

    ha. Nellie is so adorable. Mine got distracted by The Price is Right early on. Funny stuff.

  6. criticalcrass says:

    my parents and i were watching my brother's fifteen-month-old twins (boy and a girl) on saturday. wanderlei (from wanderlei silva, the brazilian ultimate fighting champion), the boy (in case you'd not clued in on that) was busy dumping my sixty-four count box of crayolas on the floor. we were watching bedtime stories. he was oblivious, totally intent on the crayons, when all the sudden journey's "don't stop believing" came on. he perked up, stood up, hurried over to the television, and just stood there, in awe.

  7. I'm not sure why I thought this was so hilarious… but I did. CAN'T stop laughing!!!Oh – and don't worry about the puke outfit. I totally slept on peed-on sheets for more than one night before changing them. And today – I left the house for work without changing the shirt that M had just wiped a full nose of snot on.

  8. Audrey likes Bones LOL no matter where she is in the room she cranes her neck to see the TV when David Boreanaz aka booth talks!

  9. I love it! I think vlogging might be my new favorite thing. You are both adorable!Dancing with the Stars IS some kind of witchcraft!!!

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