This Blog, It Is A-Changin’

You’ll notice – unless you use Google Reader, of course, which you really shouldn’t because then you can’t see the various cute layouts that we bloggers POUR OUR HEART AND SOULS INTO DESIGNING THANK YOU VERY MUCH – that this blog has had a makeover. And I did it myself. Christina at Being Mrs. Jones did one for me a few months back, and I used the template she created (the three column) and tweaked it and designed my own header/buttons/etc. It’s nothing fancy but I’m into simple blog designs anyway. I’m proud of it, and proud to say I did it myself.

That being said, I have a new blog button. On the right hand side, you’ll see my new one. If you have my button on your blog, pretty please with sugar on top update your codes. ALSO, if you have my button on my page, and you don’t see yours on my Blog Roll page, PLEASE comment here and tell me. I don’t mean to leave you out! And if you are STILL reading this post in Reader, GO LOOK AT MY BLOG NOW. GOGOGOGOGOGO.

Thaaank youuuuu. 😀