I was inspired by a post by Jenn at What the Blog? It’s basically a post where you tell the entire universe why, exactly, you are awesome.

You can read why, exactly, she was inspired to “Claim Her Awesome” by clicking here.

I figured after the god-awful week I had, I could use some awesome-claiming. So here I go. WHY I’M EFFING AWESOME.

  • Because I have an amazing sense of humor. Even if it doesn’t translate well over the internets, which I think sometimes it doesn’t, IT’S THERE DAMNIT
  • Because I’m loyal.
  • Because I’m honest.
  • Because I birthed a human being from my vayjayjay.
  • Because I can sing. Not just sing, but sing well. Not just sing well, but I have one hell of an ear. I can hold my own part – and hold it WELL – singing harmony against three other parts in a barbershop quartet.
  • Because despite my occasional crazy ass meltdowns, I’m a good mother.
  • Because I can quote movies with the best of them.
  • Because I have a contagious laugh.
  • Because I can write.
  • Because most of the time, unless the questions are really hard, I kick ass at Jeopardy.
  • Because I can play the guitar like a mother fucking riot.
  • Okay, I made that last one up, because I really like that quote from the song “What I Got” by Sublime.
  • Shit, I think now I have to cross off “Because I’m honest” from this list.
  • Fuck it, I’m keeping it on there.
  • Where was I?
  • I’m going to get some coffee.

So tell me. Why are YOU awesome?