Nellie Rose – 17 Weeks


I found batteries for the camera! We can post our weekly video again! *happydance*

So, what’s been going on with Very Angry Badger lately? TONS.

  • LAUGHING. Like, REAL, LEGITIMATE, LAUGHING. She laughed for me Monday after I got home from work and I almost imploded from the excitement.
  • She now gets cereal in her bottle in the mornings and right before bed. She is tolerating it beautifully; we have had zero problems and a lot less spit-up to speak of.
  • I’ve also started giving her just little teeeeensy tastes of things we are eating every now and again. Nothing she can chew; just little licks of a popsicle, or a lemon. I know people are probably going to spaz out on me for this, but I think it’s fine. So… Nyah! 😉
  • HOLY SLEEP REGRESSION, BATMAN. Seriously. For the past few weeks she’s been doing fantastically.. Going down at night and sleeping for 4-6 hours for the first stretch, up for a bottle, back down for 3-4 hours, up around 7-7:30 AM. Now? Up every 2-3 hours. Sometimes less. Fighting naps like you would not believe. Fighting bedtime LIKE YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE.
  • Drooling like a madwoman. Maybe the beginnings of teething? Lord help me.
  • Grabs stuff, and gets it into her mouth MOST of the time.

We have a new wrap that I can’t wait to try out, and it’s one that you’ll be able to win in a giveaway happening in a few short weeks!

Okay so here’s Nellie’s video, and I must make note of a few things.
1. I look like hammered butt that’s been run over four times with an eighteen wheeler.
2. I have some WEIRD ASS ROCKADOODLE HAIR going on from hastily throwing my hair back in a ponytail, I’m not real sure what the hell is up with that, but it’s like there’s a shark fin on top of my head.

I debated re-recording the video, but the material is so fun I just said “screw it, they’ll just see me with my rooster hair” and decided to upload it. So don’t make TOO much fun of me, because I bet at least a few of you have Rockadoodle hair right now. DON’T EVEN LIE.