Must Have Monday

Okay, so I promised my good friend Beth over at Me As A Mommy two weeks ago that I’d participate in her weekly joint-effort feature, Must Have Monday.

Then I forgot, because it was Memorial Day.

Then I forgot again. Because I fail. I was sitting at my desk today, and the fact that I double promised her that I’d participate today smacked me in the face like an angry pimp. I was actually sitting at my desk and I said out loud,
Which warranted an odd look from my coworker.

But I digress.

I’m finally making good on my promise, albeit a little late.

Must-Have Monday

So one of the items that got me through the week was what my husband Josh and I call “Chickenduck”.

Because we honestly can’t figure out if it’s an effing chicken, or a duck. Maybe it’s the pink, illegitimate lovechild of a chicken and a duck. Who knows.

This is Chickenduck:

Chickenduck is a Baby Einsten toy. More specifically, it’s a Baby Einstein Press & Play Pal. Each one of the spots on it’s feet and.. er.. wings plays a different musical element. The horn plays a horn piece, the violin plays a string piece, and I bet if you try really hard you can figure out what the drum plays.

When you press the belly, it plays all four pieces together in a delightful musical piece that, for some reason, makes my daughter go batshit crazy. She frigging loves this thing. My mother in law bought it for her and Josh and I ended up kidnapping Chickenduck for our own.

Er. I mean, we totally and legitimately obtained him.

Anyway, Nellie gets so excited she literally tenses up, flaps her arms, opens her mouth, wrinkles her nose and breaths in and out quickly making a panting sound. And everyone within a 1 mile radius explodes from cute.

So Chickenduck helped us entertain her at Chili’s, helped us keep her amused during diaper changes, and was just generally a joy to have around.

I think that my mother in law got Chickenduck at Target, and if you scroll back up to the Baby Einstein link, it should take you to the page where you can purchase your very own Chickenduck if you so choose. Or, if you prefer, you can purchase a Frog with Pancake on Head.

What the hell is wrong with childrens’ toys nowadays? They’re so effing bizarre.


So, I have discovered a phenomenon that is wholly new to motherhood – and it is frustrating beyond belief.

I call it “momsomnia”. If you have little ones, I am sure you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s the end of the day, and you are exhausted. Your mind is tired, your body is tired, and you have finally won the bedtime battle and the baby is asleep. With a sigh, you look around at the chaos that is your house. There is laundry to be done, dishes in the sink and the cats haven’t been fed yet. Do you even have the energy to shower? You decide that the laundry and dishes can wait. You pour food in the cats’ bowl and drag yourself to the bathroom where you halfheartedly wash your face. You slip into your PJs, crawl into bed and with a happy sigh of relief, your head hits the pillow.

And your brain snaps awake.

You lay there for the next ten minutes, willing yourself to go to sleep but to no avail. Your brain is bouncing, your body is tense, and you just can not relax. You try and think sleepy thoughts. You count sheep in your head, and still your mind remains awake and alert as though something is about to happen at any second. You finally give up and get out of bed, doing something to keep yourself occupied until you can manage to fall asleep.

This happens to me constantly. No matter how drained I am, no matter how exhausting a day I had, sometimes when I crawl into bed and try and relax, I just cannot fall asleep. This is something that has never happened to me before, and it came about after I had Nellie. I don’t know if it’s because my brain is aware of the white noise coming from the monitor and is listening for little sleep sighs and noises, or if my body is afraid to relax and succumb to sleep for fear that she could wake at any second. Maybe it’s a touch of post-partum anxiety. I don’t know. But sometimes I lay there and feel physically tense with knots in my stomach. I’m not thinking of anything in particular; it’s just like my body refuses to relax and let sleep take it.
It’s very frustrating, because I am tired but I just can’t rest.

What about you, mamas? Do you suffer from Momsomnia?