Nellie Rose – 20 Weeks

Nellie had her four month appointment on Friday, which meant she also had shots. Here are her stats:

  • 14.5 pounds
  • 25.5 inches long
  • 75th percentile for weight
  • 95th percentile for length

She is rolling over more, and grabbing things like a champ with her hands! She’s discovered her feet, though she doesn’t put them in her mouth yet. She started solids this week so in addition to rice cereal, she’s had a taste of peaches!

Here’s Nellie’s 20 week video in which she farts several times.

Sorry for the technical difficulties with the video earlier; YouTube sucks a big fatty so I used OneTrueMedia instead.

Oh, and Nellie has something to tell ya’ll.

She says:

“The truth is, guys..”

“….. I AM Iron Baby.”