NO To Tomatoes

In the same post, I also talked about a new skin care kit that I oh-so-excitedly bought and was feeling optimistic about it, because it was all organic and paraben free and shit.

This is what I bought:

It’s for combo/oily skin and I was hopeful that it was the answer to all my skin care prayers. It’s called “Yes to Tomatoes”, but for me, it was more like “Yes to…

  • Over-drying cleanser
  • Not-moisturizing-enough-lotion
  • Face that feels dirty and looks like someone attacked me and rubbed bacon grease all over my face

Am I getting my point across? This set is a big, fat, NO GO for me. I seriously want to claw my face right now because it feels so dirty and disgusting. The only reason I haven’t washed it yet with something else is because I’m going to work out in a bit and I’m going to get sweaty and have to wash it all over again anyway.


There is hope, however, because when Josh gets paid next Friday I’m buying this:

It’s Beauticontrol’s Skinlogics set for 20’s skin.

I don’t mean 20’s like this:

I mean 20’s as in, for people who have skin who are in their 20’s.
Not that I’m implying that some people don’t have skin, because everyone has skin.
Fuck. Now I’m rambling about flappers, and skin.


Beauticontrol’s stuff is expensive, but luckily I have connections and I’m getting a discount.. Because I’m a badass like that. Soooo.. The ongoing search for my skin to not defy the laws of physics by both sucking AND blowing continues.

I’ll keep you posted.