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What Is Body After Baby?

The Body After Baby Project began as my own personal resolve to drop the 40+ pounds I gained while pregnant with my daughter. On my first trip back to the gym, I realized that I had almost 50 pounds to lose and I felt very deflated and discouraged. I decided that in order to make myself more accountable for my weight loss, I’d share my experiences here on my blog. I then decided to set small, attainable goals for myself and reward myself with each goal that I reached.

It was after my first post that several bloggy friends of mine asked if Body After Baby Project (or, BAB Project for short) was participation-friendly and I got to thinking… Why not?! Without a real plan, I opened up the BAB Project to my bloggy friends and invited them to join me.

There are no “rules” in the BAB Project, but there are a few friendly suggestions and guidelines.

  • Do your best to make your BAB Project post on Mondays, and when you do make sure you visit my blog and leave me a comment with the location of your post.
  • I encourage progress pictures. Of course, if you are not comfortable with that, it’s fine!
  • SMALL GOALS, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose.
  • One of the things I insist is this: When you reach a goal, you MUST reward yourself! I want you to pick something for YOURSELF. Not your partner, not your children.. YOURSELF. You are working hard, and you DESERVE a treat when you reach a goal!
  • SUPPORT EACH OTHER. There’s a link up tool at the bottom of the page with the names of the women who are participating. Stop by other peoples’ blogs and give them a pat on the back on BAB Mondays!

Who Can Join?

Body After Baby is a project for moms. It’s not my intention to single out any women who aren’t yet mothers, or have no intention on becoming mothers at all. I just know that being a mom is hard and really lonely sometimes, and losing weight and getting fit is so much easier with the support of people who are similar to yourselves. So, to my non-mama readers: PLEASE don’t be offended or feel left out, because that’s really not my intention. If you’re not a mama, and want to participate in a weight loss project on a blog, check out Heir to Blair’s McFatty Mondays!

That being said, what kind of moms can join?

ALL MOMS. Whether your child is 6 months, 6 years, or 16 years! If you have experienced a miscarriage/stillbirth/other loss, in my eyes you are still a mother and you are welcome.

What If I Don’t Have a Lot of Weight to Lose?

That’s okay! If you simply want to tone up, or build muscle, that’s absolutely fine! No goal is too big or too small for the BAB Project.

I Need Help Getting Started.

Are you an exercise/fitness newbie? Check out my favorite resource for weight loss: Feel free to friend me when you sign up, my username is karmapearl!

So, are you ready to join? If so, feel free to grab one of the buttons below and paste it to your page!

If you need a smaller button:

When you make your posts, try and include this picture in the beginning:

So everyone knows that you’re participating! Don’t forget to add your name to the link widget below, so you’re part of the list and people can swing by for words of support and encouragement.

Let’s do it, mamas!!!!

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