Chef Boyardurrrr…..

I…. don’t cook.

I always WANT to cook. I do. I HAVE cooked in the past and while I don’t get a thrill from it or anything, what I’ve made has generally come out pretty tasty. The heyday of my cooking was from 2006-2007 when I was a “stay at home wife” and had lots of time on my hands. I still have one recipe to this day that’s “mine” that’s always been a big hit with whomever has eaten it.

So……. I generally eat pizza, peanut butter sandwiches, or scarf down something equally as unhealthy for dinner these days. Because I don’t get Nellie to bed until after 8:00, and before that is her bedtime/dinner routine. She sleeps much better at night with that routine, so I try my best to stick to it.. Which leaves almost no time for cooking.

So I’ve decided that until I get my shit together and learn to manage my time better and get the hang of this “working mom” thing, I’m going to start collecting slow cooker recipes and making dinner that way. We’ve been broke up until recently, so when we do have time to “make” dinner it’s usually very simple and cheap; rice and veggies, mac and cheese, etc. But now that we’re catching up on accumulated bills and both have steady income coming in, I can start planning meals again which is good.

I went to three different grocery stores today and got all the ingredients I need for two slow cooker recipes. Er, well, minus one essential ingredient. One of the recipes I want to make is a slow cooker salsa chicken, and do you know what an effing genius I am? I am such an effing genius, I forgot the flipping SALSA for the SALSA CHICKEN recipe. *sigh* Betty Crocker I am not.

I was going to cook something tonight, but it’s already 1:30 and the baby is asleep in her swing. To cook this recipe, I’d need to wash and chop vegetables, and in doing so it would probably wake her up. She is in the midst of one of the best naps she’s taken in a while, so to wake her up would be a grave, grave error on my part. By the time she wakes, it will probably be 2 to 2:30 (fingers crossed) and by then, my slow-cooked dinner wouldn’t be ready until close to 9 or 10 PM. That’s mighty late to be eating… So I think I will embark on my slow cooking adventures tomorrow morning.

Who knows? I could end up the next

Nigella Lawson

But really, it’ll probably be more like the next

Hee iferyune-a I’m zee Svedeesh cheff!

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope I don’t accidentally burn the damn apartment down somehow.

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