Body After Baby Project: Week 3

Holy. Fail. Batman. I’m serious. I did not get to the gym ONCE this week. NOT ONCE. I walked a few days, but nothing that can be considered any form of serious exercise. Nutritionally, I’ve done OK. I’m fairly certain I’ve been within my caloric range almost the entire week. Yesterday was the only day that I think I may have gone over… We had a family cookout, naturally and I had a hamburger and a hot dog and a cupcake and.. Er, well. I didn’t gorge myself like I have the tendency to do at cookouts but I definitely made some not-so-great choices.

So, needless to say, once again I have no idea how much I weigh and I’m not so sure I want to know. Obviously I’m going to try harder this week to get to the gym and exercise but sometimes I just cannot get there, or get too busy with the baby… Soooo, I’m going to just have to keep plugging along with my nutrition.

I have no pictures of me this week, so instead, here’s some random pictures of cute stuff.

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I hope your week went better than mine did!!!