Nellie Rose: Now with Teeth

So…. My daughter, who I swear to you was born like, ten minutes ago , has teeth.

Two of them.

What? How in the hell did this happen? I noticed that she was being increasingly fussy about.. Er, maybe three weeks ago. She was very wakeful and just not easy to keep happy or satisfied. I began to suspect teething, even though people have been saying to me “Oh this child is TEETHING!” for like, four months now.

About two weeks ago I stuck my finger in Nellie’s mouth and felt to see if her gums were bumpy or swollen. They were neither, so I thought that maybe she was just going through some inner baby turmoil and left it at that.

The next day (I’m not even joking), there was a small, pointy, SHARP white thing protruding from her pink little gums. A TOOTH!!! I was excited to find something to blame Nellie’s discontent on.

We had another few rough nights, one of which had Nellie waking up and crying so pitifully it ripped my heart from my chest. Josh and I were sitting on the couch after putting her down, and about an hour into her sleep she awoke with a single, loud wail. Sometimes she does this and goes back to sleep but not this time. Her “I’m angry you put me down, come pick me up” cries are “AAAHHHH!!! EHHH!!! AHHHH!” this was actually a “AH WAHHHH…… AH WWWAAAHHH”. I mean, the textbook “wah! wah!” but drawn out, whimpery at the end… TORE. MY. HEART. OUT. Of course we swooped in and picked her up and I cuddled her in my arms. I broke out the Hylands tablets, let her have about three and she instantly fell back asleep.

I noticed about two days into Gum Gate 2010 that she had not one, but TWO teeth poking through. Her lower front teeth were both visible and I could feel them.

Luckily for her (and for us) the worst of it was over in less than a week. Her teeth both broke through quickly and we were very grateful because hearing her cry like that.. Ugh. I just wanted to cry with her. It’s terrible, because even though she was crying “wah, wah” of course I heard “Mommy.. Help me. Make it stop!”

My bunny now has two shiny new chompers, which I tried to photograph but failed. Have you ever tried to photograph the gums of a squirmy (nearly) 6 month old? If you’re a mom, the answer is: yes, of course I have. I bet your result was very similar to mine, too:

Yeah, her teeth are there… Somewhere.

Anyway, now that Nellie has her first set of pearly whites I have to be careful about letting her chew on me. Before, I’d let her gum on my knuckle or slobber all over my arm without a second thought. But now.. Well, the other day she leaned over and began nomming on my wrist and I didn’t really even notice…. Until she bit down, and I screamed like a little bitch. THOSE THINGS ARE FRIGGING SHARP. I felt like I was being used as a chew toy by a barracuda.

All is well here in our home, the sleep patterns are back to normal (ACTUALLY, we’re going on a week without waking up for a middle of the night bottle. PRAISE JEBUS) and miss Nellie is my happy lady once more.

One parenting hurdle cleared…

Approximately 1 million left to go.