Baby Wheezy

If you are a good and loyal reader, like I know that you are *COUGHevileyeCOUGH*, then you know all about me coming down with a nasty cold over the weekend. Why the HELL do the worst colds have to come on over a weekend? Or during summer vacation. I remember as a kid I used to get the worst frigging colds over summer vacation WHEN THERE WAS NO SCHOOL TO MISS.

What the hell.

Anyway, it seems that my nasty little bug has decided to jump into my daughter. Namely, her nasal passages and chest cavity.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen.. My daughter has her first cold.

It effing blows. As any parent with a sick child knows, it actually defies the laws of physics by both sucking AND blowing. Nellie’s cold started with a few sneezes that made me go, “hmmm”. By the next day she was snorting and sniffly. No fever, but definitely had the stuffies. So on Sunday we bought her a vaporizer (like, a Vick’s thing, not a gun from the future). It takes these little pads and plugs into an outlet; no water required. It’s kick ass, and smells really good. So we propped up one end of her crib, let her sit in the bathroom with me while I showered and it got all steamy and during bedtimes Sunday and Monday nights she did very, very well.

Well.. The cold seems to have migrated into her chest. Tonight she had one of the worst meltdowns I’ve ever seen in the 6 months that she’s been here. She was screaming so hard I thought her lungs were going to come flying out of her mouth and onto the floor and flop away in terror. She would fall asleep fine in your arms and once you put her down, she’d start coughing. It’d wake her up and she’d start to scream.. Then it would take 20 minutes of rocking bouncing and shooshing for her to calm down enough to fall back asleep. After the third time of this, I finally said screw it and am now camped out on the couch with a passed out and snoring baby in my arms. My poor little sweetie is so congested, and I hate it. I’ve done all I know to do and still my daughter is sick. This sucks, and not because I can’t sleep and am uncomfortable on the couch but because she is uncomfortable and there’s not a damn thing I can do except try and make her less uncomfortable.

I’m off, my friends, to try and catch a few zzz’s while holding my wheezy little lady.