This evening, my husband and I dropped Nellie off at her Gran’s and headed up Lookout Mountain to the Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern. We had a fantastic time! It was nice to get out for an evening, and I didn’t get to go through last year because I was big and round with baby love. We went straight to pick the bunny up afterward so not to keep Gran up too late and on our way back home, we were driving down a familiar road.

We slowed to a stop at a red light behind a car with Florida plates. In the rear window they had stick people decals – several of them, in fact – with a phrase underneath that said “Family is Everything”. I was in the process of counting said stick figures when suddenly they began to come closer.

And closer.
And closer.
Suddenly I realized that Florida was backing up – directly into us.  I yelled, “What the fuck!”
And then they hit us. Josh slammed on the horn, we both yelled and then sat there for a second. The light turned green and I watched the large SUV, wondering if they were going to try and just drive off. When they did not, Josh put the car in park and I pressed our hazard lights on and scrambled out of the car, almost ripping the rear door off its’ hinges to check on our baby.
As soon as she saw me she started screaming. I don’t know if it was the horn noise or us yelling, because honestly we weren’t hit that hard. The airbags didn’t deploy and there’s not even really a dent in the front. Regardless, I wanted to get her out of the car in case someone coming down the road wasn’t paying attention and slammed in to the back of it. I pulled her from the seat and moved safely into the grass while Josh and the driver of the other car began to talk. She calmed and I just held her in my arms.

Josh asked me to track down the insurance cards which I did relatively easily. I handed them to him and I saw the driver of a car, who was a woman who looked like she was maybe in her mid 50s. She looked nice enough and the vehicle they were driving suggested that they weren’t hurting for money. As I stood there in the cool night air, holding my baby girl all I wanted to do was set her safely aside, run at the driver of the SUV as fast as I could, slam her onto the ground and beat the holy living shit out of her.

I’ve blogged about Mommy Road Rage before but this was new. With my previous MRR, it was just a close call. This time, we were hit. We weren’t hit hard and no one was hurt, but this fucking idiot backed into our motherfucking car when we were both sitting at a red light. I wanted to sit on top of her chest and scream at her until I was red in the face,

The whole time I kept my distance, holding Nellie and talking to her as Josh took care of the exchanging of insurance information. There was a younger woman and also a man out there too, looking calmly as Josh and the driver spoke. The younger woman looked at me and pointed at our car.
“You might want to move the car, people come flying around that curve and just don’t pay attention.”

I just looked at her, wondering if she was fucking serious. I mean, I appreciate the concern. But the fact that you are telling me that people come flying around that curve not paying attention makes me want to simultaneously laugh, and beat you with something that is pointy and preferably on fire. Talk about not paying attention? YOU BACKED INTO OUR CAR, YOU BRAINLESS TWAT.

I kept my cool, however and when they apologized (no “I AM SO SORRY” or “OH MY GOSH, I FEEL SO TERRIBLE”, it was more of a “Whoops! I just cut in front of you in line at the grocery store. My bad!”) I just nodded and got Nellie secured back in her seat.

We drove away unharmed; my little family of three. We’re contemplating not even bothering seeking repairs from our insurance because the damage to the front of the car is seriously that insignificant and as Josh pointed out, we did not get the police involved and for all we know these people could try and make like we rear-ended them.

I know that my internal reaction was knee-jerk, and the accident honestly and truly was not even close to the realm of being serious but something inside of me, something large and surly and foaming at the mouth was awoken and it was hungry for that woman driver. I wanted to shove my daughter in her face and say, “Look. Look at who I had in my car. Do you realize what I would have done to you if she had been hurt?”

I wonder if I will ever get used to the protective beast that lay within my heart now that I’m a mother. This is really the first time its’ reared its’ head and I know that it won’t be the last. Perhaps I will just embrace it, name it, and learn to live with it sleeping inside of me.


  1. How infuriating!!! What the heck were they thinking?! I am mad for you. I applaud your restraint. I probably would have hurled some sassy words at them.
    Kelly recently posted..The it list

  2. I would of lost it all over them. I don't care if the air bags didn't deploy. I would have plain lost it.

  3. So glad you all are ok!

    I would've lost it also – my mama bear instincts are on full alert as it is, so that would've sent me over the edge! I mean, who backs up at a light?????
    B recently posted..Book Exchange

  4. Whew…I'm glad it wasn't serious and that you are all fine.

    MAJOR kudos to you for being able to control yourself in this situation. I might have had to rip her face off.

  5. The closest I've ever come to wanting to beat someone with a ball bat on the highway was a woman who pulled to a complete stop in the far left lane of the interstate because she was about to pass the exit to the mall. I know this was her intention because after going from 60 to 0, she crossed three lanes of traffic to get to aforementioned mall exit. I don't care how good the sale is, you can't excuse that kind of stupid.

  6. Mothers are protective beasts forever. I am soooo glad you are all ok! What a yucky thing to go through!
    Kristy recently posted..Tech Dumb

  7. I'm glad everyone is ok!

    Please get it checked out though. In the bumper there are shock supports. Even light accidents can compromise the integrity of those supports. If you were to get into another accident they would not handle the impact as well. The only way to know if they are compromised or not is to have a body shop take apart the bumper and check it out.

    I know it's annoying to deal with insurance and all that, but it can honestly change the outcome of a future accident.

    (I'm not trying to lecture, I just used to work in the car industry and dealt with stuff like this)
    Eileen @ Bringing Up recently posted..A plea for sanity

  8. I don't know what I would have done! I probably would have been screaming at them in the car out of the window. What a crazy ass thing for someone to do. You need to name that momma bear inside you, get it on a sticky, and stick it to your rear window. "beware of momma bear"!
    Momma Drama recently posted..I’m a Teen Mom

  9. I'm glad you're okay!

    The most shocking mama bear reactions I've ever had have been when I've had baby #2 or #3. I never expected to feel the bear protection rage towards my OLDER kids. It'll shock the pants right off of you, but when your 3 year old is jealously swinging a shoe at your newborn's head, all bets are off.
    Tracey – JustAnother recently posted..I am not a hostess

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